A’s hosting FanFest at Oracle Arena on Jan. 29

After three years of holding their FanFest in conjunction with a Bay Bridge Series home game against the Giants, the A’s will host FanFest at Oracle Arena on Jan. 29, the team announced Tuesday.

Here’s the official release from the team:

Presented by Comcast SportsNet California, Event to Feature Free Autograph and Q & A Sessions with Manager Bob Melvin, Jemile Weeks, Joe Rudi, Gene Tenace and Vida Blue

OAKLAND, Calif. — Free autographs and question-and-answer sessions with Manager Bob Melvin, rising stars such as Jemile Weeks, former legends like 1972 World Series MVP Gene Tenace and 20-game winning streak hero Scott Hatteberg, will be among the up-close-and-personal features at next month’s Oakland A’s FanFest 2012, which will be staged at Oracle Arena from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 29.

The event will be sponsored by Comcast SportsNet California, the team’s local television partner.

“Fans will have unique access to their favorite A’s players and the chance to meet some of the new additions to the 2012 club,” said Jim Leahey, A’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We’re excited to be holding the event in the Oracle Arena for the first time, which will provide a wonderful environment for interacting with our players and legends as we kick off a season in which we will be celebrating some of the greatest moments in A’s history.”

With 2012 representing the 40-year anniversary of the 1972 World Series Championship and the 10-year anniversary of the 20-game winning streak, the A’s have announced in-season celebrations of those historic accomplishments. FanFest will initiate those festivities by featuring some of the icons from those teams. In addition to Tenace, FanFest will include appearances by 1972 team members Vida Blue, former MVP and Cy Young Award winner, and legendary left-fielder Joe Rudi. Hatteberg, recently portrayed in the acclaimed motion picture Moneyball, will also participate.

The A’s 40th anniversary celebration of the ’72 World Series is set for April 21 vs. Cleveland, when 10,000 fans will receive a Rollie Fingers bobblehead, sponsored by Comcast SportsNet California. The 10-year anniversary of the 20-game winning streak will be commemorated in August against Cleveland, when 15,000 fans will receive a Hatteberg bobblehead Aug. 18, and 10,000 fans receive a 20th consecutive win streak t-shirt before the game Aug. 19.

Admission tickets for Oakland A’s FanFest 2012 are priced at $8 for adults and $5 for children ages 14 and under. Admission to the event is free for current 2012 A’s season ticket holders and fans that put a deposit on a 2012 season ticket package. For more information about how to take advantage of this offer by becoming a season ticket holder, fans should visit www.oaklandathletics.com/fanfest. Parking for the event is free to all fans. Admission tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the A’s Ticket Services Office or online at www.oaklandathletics.com/fanfest.

Oakland A’s FanFest 2012 activities also include free photos with the team’s four World Series Trophies and former A’s legends, a memorabilia sale to benefit the A’s Community Fund, the Comcast SportsNet Sportscaster Experience Booth and other fun offerings to be announced next month. FanFest also serves as the first opportunity for fans to purchase individual game tickets for the upcoming season, including the A’s home opener against the Seattle Mariners April 6.

Jon Becker

  • Andrew Rosenblum

    The question is: will they have any fans left by January 29? Will there be any major leaguers left on the A’s roster? And I say this as a fan for 29 years — I am so angry at the way they’ve spit on Oakland and run the team into the ground. To heck with them!

  • Stan

    And its so sad-they can’t mention ONE single star A’s player who will attend. Because Beane might trade them in a minute..
    And I never did get a single answer to my question of why Beane didn’t trade Willingham if he knew he wasnt going to offer him a contract? Only if Beane coulnd’t care less about the team is my guess.
    And no answer as to how much money Beane has made off his affiliation with Oakland? He wants it both ways…

  • Stan

    Ironic-for a GM who always talks that he thinks “years ahead” he couldn’t see a few months ahead with Willingham…

  • Stan

    The 49ers win at Candlestick,the Giants had won at Candlestick previous..and even as transformer’s blow at the ‘stick the 49ers have one of the best records in football.
    Is it that those teams want to win? And its not the venue thats the priority?
    It’s Sabean and Harbaugh..vs..a Slick Billy and his losing for profits ways.

  • Stan

    KNBR Radnich last week said “The new Stadium in Miami wil draw for a few years-but if they don’t win,they wont draw crickets”…Ok,so HOW’s that different from A’s fans who dont want to see a perpetual loser now? Why are A’s fan held to an unfair standard? oh yeah,its biased KNBR…

  • Stan

    Geo was traded? for nobodys? BEANE DECLARES WAR ON A’S FANS.
    I told you years ago-Beane is a fraud and con artist.

  • Stan

    Throw beans on opening day! PROTEST!..fans should bring beans and pelt the field on opening day. Maybe Beane the bean counter will scoop them up. PROTEST A’s FANS! DO SOMETHING!

  • Stan

    Susan Slusser must think this is a GREAT trade..she never veers does she? In Beanes pocket.

  • Stan

    Bring beans to FANFEST-pelt the weasels known as Wolff and Beane and John Fisher!

  • Derek

    The A’s have the worse ownership in professional sports. Tampa, LA, Boston, the Cubs and probably a few more, have old outdated stadiums, yet they field competitive teams.

    The scrubs operating the A’s are a degrace to the Bay Area and professional sports in general.