A’s trade Outman, Moscoso to Rockies for outfielder Seth Smith

Some A’s news for your Monday morning:

They’ve traded pitchers Josh Outman and Guillermo Moscoso to the Colorado Rockies for outfielder Seth Smith, who may very well be in their Opening Night lineup at one of the corner outfield spots. I’m not surprised the A’s dealt for Smith, 29, since they’ve been rumored to be interested in him. But I am surprised they dealt both Moscoso and Outman for him. The A’s have holes in the rotation (even if they do finalize a one-year deal with Bartolo Colon), and Moscoso and Outman were considered two candidates to fill out the starting five. The rotation should now go Brandon McCarthy, Dallas Braden (when he’s healthy) and Colon, with two spots to fill. This trade tells me the A’s are comfortable looking at the promising but inexperienced arms they’ve received in other trades this winter to possibly fill in those spots. Consider Jarrod Parker (obtained from AZ in the Trevor Cahill trade) and Brad Peacock and Tom Milone (both received from Washington in the Gio Gonzalez trade) to be prime candidates for rotation spots out of spring training. Graham Godfrey and Tyson Ross will also be in the mix.

Here’s a look at Smith’s career stats with the Rockies. Coco Crisp will start in center field for the A’s, and he could be flanked by Smith and Josh Reddick, with Michael Taylor and Collin Cowgill also possibilities.

Joe Stiglich

  • Oakland4ever

    Hope Billy decides to sign Rich Harden again. He signed last year for 1 million, why not again with incentives. This will give Peacock/Parker a little more time to finish developing at AAA level

  • Stan

    Tell Billy, Joe-I laughed at his asinine statement that they got younger players then Willingham. WHAT difference does it make if 1: they dont have Josh’s power and 2: If they are younger? Like Geo?-lol. Billy trades them all away no matter what. Something wrong in the head with Beane,its beyond just his greed-say it outloud,its true.

  • Stan

    It sounds like Beane is going madman. First trade away low cost all star-and young- pitchers to “save money”..then pay big money to old and brittle Coco Crisp and now Manny Ramirez@39 years old? and missed a season? isnt that Ben Sheets and Justin Ducsherer all over again?
    Beane must have suddenly seen a potential all time worst season,howls of derision all year,no fans…now,wants to spend for journeymen? Nothing has made sense.

  • Stan

    BTW-BANG did a story of the A’s “move”. They aint going anywhere..and its been Wolff and the Fishers call to either work with Oakland or keep the losing status quo. They chose losing and MLB welfare.
    To them,the A’s are easy revenue. Whineing about a new stadium is a pass the buck excuse cover.

  • Stan

    And a new stadium will make the A’s winners? You mean like the Cowboys who haven’t made the playoffs in their billion dollar Jerry Jones toy?