Sneak preview of A’s 2012 commercials (video)

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at the A’s commercial shoots for this season.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    I think ‘Moneyball 2’ will be FAR more interesting Joe. It will about how a middle aged GM,who had some exciting early success,sold his soul when made part owner and degenerated into a money making at all cost slasher..almost dripping in greed as he studys his growing bank account of personal riches..and is blind to the standings of the team.
    A man so consumed in greed he thinks every lie he tells is beleived,that we are all so stupid to not see a trade of all stars for prospects repeated over and over is madman’s greed.
    “We are going young” then they go after old like Ramirez..”We are broke” ..then pay journeymen more then what they paid all stars. Penny wise-dollar foolish decisions with greed driving all.
    Shakespearean. Can’t wait to see part two. The A’s season? I can wait.

  • Stan

    And -Slick Billy was a no show at fan appreciation. Beacause, he has no appreciation for the fans. Billy is both greedy and cowardly..hiding away as he ruins the team and only making an appearance should the team go on a winning streak or perfect game,etc. THEN,Slick is on every local sports show. Although,the sheep local media at those times will stick to what Slick wants to be asked. Nobody upset Slicks day with truth.
    I have to laugh at Pitts media jaunts..he must have read fans hatred of Beane and thought to himself ” How great an actor am I to make Beane likeable?” “Give me an Oscar!”
    And Monte Pooles column on Wolff? How can fans like a perpetual liar? This will be the stinker A’s season of Beane’s career. That’s the genius of Beane?. And,he admits to no blame. None.

  • Stan

    Slick signed for 7 more years? Why not? He shares the lack of will to win with no effort and make money with John Fisher and Lew Wolff. The A’s are THE most disgraceful pro franchise in the country-all sports.
    Beane’s home now has heated toilet seats in every bathroom. What else can he do with all that MLB welfare money?

  • Anon

    Stan – you really need to get laid….

  • Stan

    C’mon! Billy!,no need to be so crude!