Lefty Tom Milone is making a good impression with A’s

Left-hander Tom Milone, one of four players the A’s obtained from Washington in the Gio Gonzalez trade, has earned good reviews early in spring training. Catcher Kurt Suzuki praised Milone’s command and compared his change-up to that of Dallas Braden. On Tuesday morning, A’s manager Bob Melvin noted that Milone’s fastball doesn’t jump out but it can be deceptive: “He definitely knows where the ball is going. If he stays at 86 or 87 (mph), he’s probably got 89 in his pocket when he needs it. It seems like he’s a polished guy.”

Milone is a candidate for one of at least two rotation spots that are available. If Dallas Braden doesn’t return by mid-April, there will be three spots open behind Brandon McCarthy and Bartolo Colon. Jarrod Parker and Brad Peacock, also obtained in trades, and Tyson Ross and Graham Godfrey are all fighting for those spots as well.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Wow-blow me away with 86 or 87 mph fastball talk. Geo’s off speed was faster then that. Melvin actually considered what he said praise? Does Milone by chance happen to play guitar and like playing chef/philosopher?..If you catch my drift. And I know you do.

  • Stan

    And doesnt anybody in the media angry over Beane’s “playing” of being a GM. Nonsense signings like Sheets and Manny? players who are injured and/or havent played a ballgame in over a year? And then Beane read’s his concubine Sue Slusser call losing his young all stars Geo and Cahill “A great opportunity for prospects”???
    Why is Billy Beane not accountable for years of losing? the louse even set up his best friend and manager Geren, to be fired. Slick didnt fool me with that low life manipulation in cahoots with Slusser.