Lew Wolff, Bob Melvin both address team before A’s first full-squad workout

We’re getting very lucky with the Phoenix weather early in spring training. It’s been sunny and very warm. Typically, the first couple of weeks of camp can be cool, before it gets warmer in March. I hope it sticks around. As for the morning news …

A’s managing partner Lew Wolff addressed the team along with manager Bob Melvin before the first full-squad workout. Melvin did not share specifics of Wolff’s message, but Melvin said he himself was eager to see his full team on the field for the first time.

“There are a lot of firsts over the course of a season and none bigger than this one, once everybody gets together and hears your message and gets out on the field,” he said. “Especially with as many new guys and younger guys as we have, first impressions I think go a long way.” Pitchers threw live batting practice – from the mound full-bore, as opposed to coaches throwing behind a screen – on Friday and were set to do so again Saturday.

On a different topic, Melvin said he would be rooting hard for “Moneyball” during Sunday’s Academy Awards. The movie, adapted from the 2003 book that was written largely about general manager Billy Beane, is nominated for six Oscars. “It was a good movie and I think it relates not only to baseball, but life in general,” Melvin said.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Moneyball was almost a fantasy..what does it teach?
    And if you want reality..then think,Would Beane have signed a 40 year old has been with baggage in 2002? I think what we see is Beane has lost it. Like Al Davis,he’s not able to keep up. Exact same situation. Only because Al became older. With Beane,money took out all his motivation. Beane isnt anymore caring about winning now then JaMarcus Russel.

  • Stan

    BTW-Did all of you read that the A’s are banning any sign or poster bigger then 3×4(something like that)no more hanging bed sheets saying Wolff lies.
    The A’s org is so right wing..no accountability taken by Wolff or Beane,they also lean hard on the media to only say what they want known,put spin on every move..and blame Oakland,a building,and the fans for their problems.
    Signing Manny by any other team would be desperation..with the A’s it’s more of they don’t care. Does well or poorly..BEANE just doesn’t care.