A’s lose third baseman Scott Sizemore to season-ending knee injury

The A’s issued a statement saying that third baseman Scott Sizemore will miss the entire season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. There’s no date yet for surgery. I’ll have a quick online story posted shortly with a more expanded story to follow …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Another Beane painted in the corner move. I could have called it..And what part of giving away of an ALL STAR was Sizemore?.
    My god, how long will we suffer Billy Beane?

  • Stan

    Scratch one of those ten “prospects” we got for three All Stars..now its what did we get for nine..and we havent even played a single game. NOW THAT I CALLED..

  • marc

    Traded Dan Purcey for Sizemore. No all stars Stan.

  • Stan

    lol-I knew I was on a plank on that one. I could have Googled-but I’m a beaten down A’s fan..think the worst-and it happens with this team.
    What ever happend to Reggie,Charlie O the mule and owners who wanted to win? Where did it all go?

  • Stan

    And Beane-we went from Managers who fought tooth and nail-Billy Martin or even cheatin LaRussa,who at least cheated to win, to Art Howe and pull that cap down attitude…to robots. We have managers that sound like managers at Staples.