Bring your knowledge, test mine on A’s live chat Wednesday night, 7 p.m.

Everything will be on the table … the team, the direction of the team, the ownership, the Oakland/San Jose question. And if you want to talk about the weather in Arizona, we can do that, too. Can’t promise that I’ll have all the answers, but count on a stirring give-and-take. You’d rather watch American Idol?

How do you participate? Just click this link at 7 p.m.http://bit.ly/wNh58X and you’ll be guided directly to the chat.

Carl Steward

  • Stan

    I see Gio hit 98mph…and then Joe last week said the scrub we got in return was throwing a 84 or 86 fastball..the same as my grandma rest her soul, did.
    I might ask you “How nuts is Beane?” Very? or totally?

  • Derek

    MLB may not let the A’s move to San Jose Lewzer Wolf you get no sympathy