A’s update w/quotes from Kurt Suzuki, Trevor Cahill

I had to make the long walk to the A’s clubhouse as the game was resuming after a 36-minute rain delay, so here’s your overdue update. Oakland leads Arizona 7-2 in the top of the seventh.

There was some good give-and-take between Trevor Cahill and Kurt Suzuki after Suzuki took his ex-teammate deep for a two-run homer. “He kinda gave me a little stare coming off the field,” Suzuki said. “I was just laughing at him.” Suzuki was expecting Cahill to throw him sliders since that’s a pitch Suzuki never called for Cahill during their time playing together. But when Cahill fell behind 3-1, he was expecting Suzuki to anticipate sinker. “I threw him a four-seamer — and that didn’t work out.”

Suzuki was very impressed with A’s starter Tyson Ross, who tossed three shutout innings and is making his move for a rotation spot. “When he throws that ball over the plate, hitters don’t wanna face that,” Suzuki said. “Tyson is 6-6 on the mound. He’s slinging that ball in there 94, 95. That’s not a comfortable at-bat.”

That’s the general sentiment in A’s camp — when Ross is throwing strikes, he’s incredibly tough to hit because of his downhill leverage and natural stuff. I’d say his odds of making the rotation are increasing …

Joe Stiglich