A’s hold their first Tokyo workout

Greetings from the Tokyo Dome, where the A’s are just taking the field for their first workout since arriving in Japan. It’s a little late at night (in the Bay Area) for a blog post, but it’s just after 2 p.m. in Tokyo. I’ll be providing lots of online updates during the A’s entire stay here, but the timing of them will be a little odd with the time difference. So fill up on caffeine and get ready to do some late-night reading over the next few days …

–After spending a little time in the clubhouse, it seems most of the players are feeling well-rested after yesterday’s 12-hour flight. The A’s were fortunate to draw a late workout time, so they were able to sleep in. Not much else to report as far as real baseball news yet. There’s a press conference coming up with GM Billy Beane, manager Bob Melvin and a few players, so we may get more there. We still don’t know who the starting first baseman or third baseman will be for Wednesday’s season opener.

–Some of the players are going karaoke singing tonight for a Comcast SportsNet Bay Area segment. Josh Reddick and Collin Cowgill will be there, but word is that the best singer on the team is Brandon Allen. That was surprising to hear at first because Allen comes across as such a quiet guy. But he sang “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” for an A’s commercial, so the guy has talent. “He’s got some pipes,” Kurt Suzuki said. Allen sang in the church choir from the time he was a young boy through high school. As for Reddick, he says he’s a country music fan, but if they don’t have that, “you can’t go wrong with Journey at karoake.”

–Yoenis Cespedes will play his first regular season game with the A’s on Wednesday, but this won’t be his first game in Japan. The Cuban outfielder was here in 2010 playing in the World University Games, and he said he remembers the fans being great …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    I have to disagree on Journey-you cant sing “Open Arms” without getting choked up when your woman is watching you sing.
    uh,I heard.