A’s third base intrigue continues

Eric Sogard gets the nod over Josh Donaldson at third base tonight. “I wanted to get, really not so much a left-handed bat, but more of a contact bat tonight with Sogard,” A’s manager Bob Melvin said. “I think Sogard has played well enough to deserve the start tonight.” Interestingly, Melvin said he still considers Donaldson his starting third baseman. “I told Josh yesterday, ‘You know what? You’re our starting third baseman, you’re just not starting tonight.’ No matter what happens tonight, Donaldson will be in there tomorrow.”

Remember that the A’s go home and play four exhibitions before settling on a true 25-man roster and starting lineup, so they’re still evaluating. Donaldson has not grabbed the reins on the third base job to this point, but I’m not sure I expected him to despite the opportunity he was given. Switching from catcher to third base is quite the adjustment. I know Donaldson got time at third last season and in winter ball, but he’s still got a lot of learning to do over there. As for Sogard, he gets his first opening night start, so I’d expect lots of his family and friends back home in Phoenix to be staying up late tonight to watch this one.

–In the ‘purely hunch’ department, I’m going with Josh Reddick as my pregame prediction to have a big night for the A’s. For the Mariners? Let’s go Dustin Ackley, which ain’t really going out on a limb …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    A’s home opener not televised..just no.163-this spring alone- why the A’s under Beane and Wolff are so hated.

  • Mike

    Good call on Ackley having a big night and Reddick certainly had a couple of good drives. I have divorced myself from the A’s. Management could care less about us fans. When you have Eric Sogard and Josh Donaldson battling for a starting job on a Major League team, you’ve got serious problems.

  • Stan

    No offense against a bad Seattle team?..no fluke. The pitching may have been..what a lost year Slick has created AND wants to trade Suzuki?
    And I can’t find a Beane critical article anyplace..so I WRITE THEM MYSELF..

  • Andy K

    Fairly good predictions.

    Long way to go. Still, too many LOB. Pitching was good, till the end.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Thanks Mike … I’ll shamelessly pat myself on the back for going with Smoak doing damage for the Mariners in the second game too! Again, not really going out on a limb. Smoak has hurt the A’s before … I can almost feel your bitterness coming through my laptop concerning this team. It is looking lean at third base right now, and I don’t know of any great alternatives outside the organization.

  • Stan

    Smoak causing damage?..Smoke Damage??.That’s a joke son! ,don’t you gettit?..lol. I love old Foghorn..