Postgame notes and quotes from A’s 6-0 loss to Angels

There wasn’t much for the A’s — or their fans — to be excited about after Monday’s 6-0 drubbing by the Angels. A bit of news — reliever Andrew Carignan will be sent to the minors and another reliever will be called up Tuesday, manager Bob Melvin said. Here’s some postgame reaction from the clubhouse:

–“We’ll keep grinding through it,” Melvin said of his offense. “It’s my belief that one big hit leads to another big hit and it gets contagious. But right now it’s a bit of a struggle for us.”

–From right fielder Josh Reddick: “It’s still early. There’s no need to push the panic button right now. We (just) can’t get that hit with runners on. Someone’s got to get hot and carry this team on their back.”

–Losing pitcher Brandon McCarthy was pretty upset with himself for what he called poor command all night. And he didn’t sugarcoat things when asked about pitching when his team is scoring so few runs. “It makes it kind of feel like we’re getting our (butts) kicked,” he said. “It doesn’t feel like we’re putting up a fight. You feel like you’re not doing your part individually.”

–If there was a silver lining for the A’s, you can point to some nice defensive plays by their outfield. Coco Crisp, spelling Yoenis Cespedes in center, made a leaping catch at the wall to rob Kendrys Morales, and Reddick threw out Morales trying to stretch a single into a double.

Were some of you wondering if Cespedes would have made that catch on Morales’ drive? Crisp certainly makes plays look easier in center, but there’s a drawback too. He doesn’t have nearly the arm Cespedes has, and opponents are more likely to run on him.

Melvin said Cespedes would return to center on Tuesday after getting a night off.

Joe Stiglich

  • stan

    A night off??? Already in April when his job is 3 hours a day of sometimes movement?..AND ITS THE BIGGEST RIVALS?? what kind of statement is that?. Oh,now I KNOW what McCarthy meant “It like we’re not putting up a fight”..no,and neither is the A’s org and Slick Billy..

  • Joe Stiglich

    We gotta read between the lines here, Stan. The kid was struggling, and it was time to let him sit for a game and watch. Sometimes that helps. Melvin wasn’t gonna come out and say he was struggling. And being that other OF’s had gotten a game off, it gave Melvin a way around having to say that. …

  • Todd Fuller

    Stan just loves to bitch and moan about everything. Stan, if the A’s make you so mad and negative, then don’t watch. Find another team or hobby. It is just a game.

  • Stan

    Grow up Tod. Please grow up. I b&m about all that’s wrong in sports,media,and politics. If I don’t mention somebody..and that’s 99% of the world, its because I have no complaints.
    And when you say “Only a game”..man,go back to read North Dallas Forty where the quote first was uttered by a player “When we say its a business,the owners say its just a game,when we say its just a game,the owners say its a business”..And I say a multibillion dollar industry.
    And- I was shocked to hear callers to THEGAME agree with me that Slick is fawned over by the Rise Guys. And,I guess a salute to the producer for letting those calls come in. KNBR? no way in hell.

    And Joe?-CesspedA’s?,2-4 2 ribby’s. You don’t rest him vs the Angels. How many April games Joe did the dos Willys-MAYS and McCovey miss vs the Dodgers? Hmm?

  • Stan

    Too bad it is such a business. If it was just a sport,the Coloseum would be wooden benches and we all could bring coolers with balogna sandwiches and Beer. That would be fun.