A’s are not a healthy bunch right now

There’s some form of bug going through the A’s clubhouse right now. Coco Crisp isn’t playing tonight because he’s sick, and Josh Reddick was just switched from right field to DH with the same “flu-like symptoms.” Grant Balfour said he’s under the weather and bench coach Chip Hale says he’s not feeling great either.

From the baseball perspective, it’s a tough break having to scratch Crisp tonight after he broke through with a big hit last night. I’m sure Bob Melvin wanted to see if his left fielder could build a little confidence at the plate. But Melvin added: “Watching him go through (the illness) yesterday, with not eating and so forth, it’s probably not a good idea for him to play today.”

–Eric Sogard is starting at third base for the third time in four games, which leads one to believe that Josh Donaldson does not have such a firm lock on the starting spot anymore. Donaldson is in a 2 for 26 slump and hitting .103. Who would have thought Donaldson’s offense would be a bigger issue at this point than his developing defensive abilities at third? “I think certain days off can do him some good, and he’s not grinding so hard,” Melvin said. “I know the feeling of having to look up at the scoreboard and see what your average is. We’ll pick our spots with him, continue to play him but also continue to keep Sogard current.” With the Angels throwing lefty C.J. Wilson on Thursday, Melvin said the right-handed hitting Donaldson will return to the lineup tomorrow.

–If you haven’t seen this ESPN story on Sogard, check it out. Very entertaining piece on him being one of the few big leaguers who wears eyeglasses.

–More interesting reading here from ESPN analyst Jim Bowden, who thinks the A’s have reason for concern regarding Yoenis Cespedes’ high strikeout total.

Tonight’s lineups:
A’s – Weeks 2B, Pennington SS, Reddick DH, Cespedes CF, Smith RF, Gomes LF, Barton 1B, Suzuki C, Sogard 3B; Colon RHP.

Angels – Abreu LF, Kendrick 2B, Pujols 1B, Morales DH, Hunter RF, Wells CF, Izturis SS, Callaspo 3B, Wilson C; Santana RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • stan

    lol,Well,Yoenis Joe isn’t going to always be a rookie in April. I expect the man to adapt..slow or quick ,I don’t know..but he has talent that cant be denied.
    If CepedeA’s is a bit strikeout prone..well,it hasn’t stopped him from being ROTY talent already.

  • Todd Fuller

    Stan, you are an absolute BOZO. Learn how to spell and read. Have fun responding to your comments over and over again. I feel bad for Joe because he probably reads your nonsense daily. I will be getting my news at a different site now. Good riddance

  • Stan

    I have a pretty good record Todd if I do say so myself. I have plenty to be proud of. I spotted Lincecums weight problems in ’10 when others wrung their hands with “why?”..I wrote about J.Russell’s depression and addictive personality long before it all came out. Same for Huff’s beer love..I was on his bad shape EARLY last year(Lowell Cohn blog for all).
    And then with Gore and his hip…and just a few months ago Tod I posted that ESPN had made a remark about Jeremy Lin having a “chink” in his armor(Bay Area Sports Guy Blog)…I did that a WEEK before the rest of the country heard it a second time.
    What deep sports insight have you shown Todd?

  • Stan

    As far as Bowden? I wrote that months ago. I said that scouts had said Cepedes had a hole in his swing. That breaking balls found. I think back then I posted it on Grant Cohn’s 49blog..eh,where I feel comfortable is where I post. But,seeing Yoenis in person,I think he can adapt..and be a monster hitter. The only caveat is..if his previous success in Coobah was based on PEDs. Then all bets are off as they wear off under MLB scrutiny.
    I mean,he does hit awfull “big” for 5′ 10″. Doesn’t he?

  • Stan

    And-I like that I remind A’s fans John Fisher is the REAL owner of the A’s..Lew is simply wanting the A’s to move to cash in on land speculation that he has in San Jose. At 80,he’s not in it for a stadium per se..or a winning team.
    I cant get over that John Fisher hides from the media. A man who knows he has ulterior motives doesn’t talk to reveal them.

  • Stan

    Come to think of it,I also might have posted it here also about Yoenis’s swing..sometime during spring training. Maybe Joe has an easier way to find it in the archives if you doubt.