Coco Crisp joins disabled list, Michael Taylor back with A’s

We have some morning A’s news, though it’s not so unexpected …

Coco Crisp was placed on the 15-day disabled list because of a lingering inner ear infection, and outfielder Michael Taylor was recalled from Triple-A Sacramento. I’ll be interested to see how much playing time Taylor gets, and what he does with it. His numbers for Sacramento so far have been impressive, and a scout told me Taylor has looked like an improved player from recent seasons. Might Taylor get a start in left field tonight? The Rays are throwing lefty David Price, so if Bob Melvin wants to get as many right-handed bats in the lineup as possible, he could throw Taylor in left and put Jonny Gomes at DH. Or maybe Gomes plays left because the ex-Ray is used to handling the outfield at Tropicana Field.

We’ll see if Cliff Pennington or Brandon Inge fills in as the No. 2 hitter with Crisp out. Pennington has gotten off to a slow start, so the A’s need him to start hitting more if he sees time near the top of the lineup.

I’ll post a bit later from the ballpark …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    this would have been newsworthy a couple of seasons ago, but Taylor just seems like another guy at this point. There aren’t too many 26-year-old prospects in the minors to get all excited about. yes, I’m looking at you too Chris Carter…
    Taylor, Gomes, Smith, Reddick, oh my. It feels like for the past few seasons that all Oakland’s had. is a bunch of “guys”. very bleh and uninspiring overall.

  • Stan

    If Coco CAN’T play centerfield,then it’s going it take 15 days to get over a inner ear infection,if you catch my drift. Schoolkids wish their Dr.’s would give them over two weeks off for that…

  • Stan

    Mark Purdy shilling for Lew Wolff? man,Mark can never repay Wollf enough for giving him inside info on the Neukom firing..that was courtesy of Selig. I know it,I think the Giants know it too..and why they haven’t had to find a mole have they?
    I can’t see why the Trib/Merc is paying somebody to be a mouthpiece for a team he should be unbiased about. NOT their real estate scout.
    Mark,my advice? get a girlfriend and stop the career bachelor nonsense. She’ll help you see straight. “I admire Lew Wollf!”…just utter nonsense.

  • TnSD11


    Thank you for the incredibly relevant insight into Mark Purdy’s life. Perhaps you should take your own advice? Maybe just a typing class?

  • Stan

    I never went on Comcast sports and announced that I {Purdy) Baggs and Kawamaki are “confirmed” bachelors. Mark Purdy did. WHO admires Lew Wolff? John Fisher and Mark Purdy that’s who..lol..oh,so wrong.
    My typing stinks. You got me.