A’s finally toughen up in win over Giants

The A’s avoided a three-game sweep Sunday with a 6-2 victory over the Giants. Something tells me they’re still happy to wave goodbye to AT&T Park, where they lost 11 in a row before coming out on top Sunday. It’s funny. I associate certain football stadiums or basketball arenas as being difficult for certain “road” teams to win at. In baseball, “home-field advantage” doesn’t strike me as having quite the same importance. But when the A’s play at AT&T Park, that theory goes out the window. During that 11-game losing streak, the A’s resembled a college basketball team that goes on the road and gets rattled by the opponent’s rowdy student section. The A’s just seemed out of sorts Friday and Saturday.

Credit a four-run fourth inning rally for changing the vibe Sunday, and in particular, Collin Cowgill’s hard collision into Tim Lincecum when Cowgill scored from second on a wild pitch. Cowgill said he wasn’t trying to hit Lincecum, and I believe him. But that play signified a shift in mentality during the series. The A’s became the aggressors and started taking it to the Giants, and they finally came out on top.

At any rate, the Bay Bridge Series is in the rear-view mirror. Now you have to wonder whether the A’s can stay on the good side of .500 despite the players that are falling to injuries. Brandon McCarthy was the latest to join the D.L. on Sunday, but the A’s are likely to get Coco Crisp back Monday.

I expect Crisp to play center field until Yoenis Cespedes comes off the D.L., and I wonder if things will stabilize defensively with Crisp in there. Though it didn’t hurt the A’s on Sunday, their defense is still a concern. Shallow pop-ups should not give a major league team as much trouble as they’re giving the A’s right now. A blooper that fell between center fielder Collin Cowgill, left fielder Seth Smith and shortstop Cliff Pennington in the first inning went for a double. In the seventh, Jemile Weeks caught a pop-up and then tripped over Pennington, who also converged on the ball. No one asked Bob Melvin about it after Sunday’s win, but I’m sure better communication has to be something he and his staff are hammering home to players …

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Bartolo Colon sure planted his flag when he discovered ATT park alright.

    You know,Coco Crisp should go into acting when he retires..or sports host. He’s got a real comic talent. His A’s commercials make me laugh.

  • Mossback

    Vogelsong should go into acting too. He deserves an Emmy nomination for his acting job in Saturday.

  • Stan

    How’s this?…the A’s tear down the Stadium/Coliseum and build brand new right on the same lot. In the meantime,the A’s can play at Candlestick and the Warriors at the Cowpalace for a season .
    That’s IF the A’s and Warriors were owned by locals who want to revitalize Oakland..instead of greedy wannabe carpetbaggers.

  • Stan

    Vogey did a great job selling Moss. I think he’s a method actor.