It’s hardly an ‘A’ lineup for the A’s tonight

Today’s lineup looks like Bob Melvin threw nine names in a hat, shook it up and started picking his batting order randomly. That’s because Jemile Weeks, Josh Reddick and Kurt Suzuki all have the day off. Melvin said Weeks is still feeling minor effects of his recent ankle injury. Reddick has had just one prior day off and needed a rest, and Melvin liked the idea of resting Suzuki tonight because tomorrow is a day game. So here’s your lineups:

A’s – Crisp CF, Cowgill RF, Smith DH, Gomes LF, Donaldson 3B, Pennington SS, Rosales 2B, Barton 1B, Recker C; Godfrey RHP.

Angels – Trout LF, Izturis 3B, Pujols 1B, Morales DH, Trumbo RF, Kendrick 2B, Aybar SS, Bourjos CF, Hester C; Wilson LHP.

I know what you’re thinking: Did all of those A’s regulars really need the same day off? Sometimes I think Melvin likes issuing a test to his bench players. He’s big on getting the entire roster involved and making all 25 guys feel like they’re a part of things. “That goes hand in hand with the injuries we’ve had as well,” Melvin said. “It’s Collin Cowgill’s time, and Adam Rosales. A lot of these guys are getting an opportunity now based on injuries.”

I’m still surprised to see Weeks, Reddick and Suzuki all out of the lineup at the same time. Melvin did mention that he likes pairing up Graham Godfrey with Anthony Recker because of their history together going back to the minor leagues. …

–Pedro Figueroa was sent down to clear a roster spot for Godfrey, who was recalled to start tonight in Brandon McCarthy’s place. Melvin talked highly of Figueroa, and, interestingly, said he thinks the lefty could have a future as a starter. That’s an idea I’ve heard others close to the organization suggest. The plan for now is for Figueroa to keep pitching in relief. If the A’s were to try him as a starter, Melvin said it would likely be later in the season or perhaps next year. This is Figueroa’s first full season back from Tommy John surgery, and the A’s are likely to keep him on an innings count …

–I’ll have lots of injury updates in tomorrow’s paper. But the main thing you need to know is Yoenis Cespedes swung a bat for the first time – a lighter fungo bat – and came out of it well. So at least he’s moving in the right direction now. I still expect him to take at least a week to return …

Joe Stiglich