Some postgame quotes after A’s lose 4-0 to Twins

This eight-game losing streak of the A’s keeps getting uglier. Here’s a few postgame comments from the clubhouse ….

–Manager Bob Melvin, on his team’s overall performance during the streak?

“We continue to play hard, but we have to fight harder. There’s a difference. You’ve gotta give credit to a guy who pitches well, but (Francisco Liriano) was also 0-5 with an 8 or 9 ERA. The night before, we (face) a guy making his second carer start. So you tell me. We just lose a lot of our fight when things don’t go our way. Before this stretch, we were a team that was really scrappy. That’s who we believed we were. These losing streaks can take o a life of their own. They’re not just gonna end. Our spirit just needs to be a little better. Even though we’re playing hard, that’s not enough.”

–Melvin on whether struggling starter Tyson Ross will remain in the rotation?
“You know, we just have to play it out, see how it goes.”

–DH Jonny Gomes on the overall state of the team:

“Thirty teams are gonna have a losing streak this year. The ones that come out of it are the ones that separate themselves, and that has nothing to do with payroll, and it has nothing to do with big market, small market. It’s just the 25 guys inside. … Playing the game the right way definitely starts with (attitude). It definitely starts with applying effort. That being said, you can grab 25 guys and get them on the field and say ‘Try hard.’ This is the big leagues, you gotta execute. You gotta situationally pitch, situationally hit. You gotta be a big leaguer.”

Joe Stiglich