Daric Barton sent down as A’s reinstate Brandon McCarthy from D.L.

Daric Barton was optioned to Triple-A Sacramento on Saturday morning to clear a spot for Brandon McCarthy, who came off the DL and will start today’s game at Kansas City. I don’t think anyone sees this as a real surprising move at this point. Barton has been struggling and Kila Ka’aihue has been seeing more time at first base. Plus, Barton has options left and Ka’aihue doesn’t, so the A’s could have lost Ka’aihue on waivers had they tried sending him down. He is now the unquestioned starter, the first time the A’s have made a clear-cut choice for the position all year.

Think about the path Ka’aihue has traveled since the start of camp. He was fighting Brandon Allen and Barton just to make the roster. I’ve heard there were a couple situations where he was very close to being designated for assignment as roster moves loomed earlier this season. He’s the last man standing at first. “Kila has done more offensively to get that shot,” A’s manager Bob Melvin said. “It’s been quite a road for him. He was the guy forecast to be the first out of here as far as first basemen.”

Barton didn’t appear real happy with his demotion (not that I expected him to be). He refused to talk to reporters before leaving Kauffman Stadium.

After Ka’aihue, the other first base options would be Adam Rosales and Josh Donaldson. I was thinking another outside-the-box option might be Jonny Gomes, although Gomes have never played first base in the majors. It seems it might be a decent option with interleague games coming in National League parks. I know a reader on Twitter floated that idea as well. Without a DH in NL parks, putting Gomes at first would allow Melvin to squeeze another right-handed bat in the lineup against lefties, and he could still play whatever outfielders he wanted. But Melvin said he would feel better about Gomes playing first had he gotten some time there in spring training.

–Manny Ramirez has been scratched from Triple-A Sacramento’s past two games with tightness in his left leg. Given he’s hitting just .222 over 10 games, and now he’s having a hard time staying healthy, I’m not sure when we might see Ramirez. There was speculation that he might be called up Monday against Texas, providing the A’s a boost in front of the home fans. But consider that the A’s play just four games in Oakland before heading out for six games at Arizona and Colorado, where they will have no DH available. Are the A’s going to bring Ramirez up for four games at the Coliseum, and then go through a six-game stretch where he can serve only as a pinch hitter? That’s something to think about …

–Reliever Grant Balfour went on a profanity-laced tirade this morning in the clubhouse. Sorting through all the F-bombs, I believe the basic message was: “Let’s finally win a game, guys.” He meant to be light-hearted about it, and it got a lot of chuckles from the guys who were in the clubhouse at the time. Melvin could hear it from his office in the visitor’s clubhouse. “It’s good. I don’t mind a little emotion here,” he said. “I’m glad he got it out.”

Today’s lineups:

A’s — Weeks 2B, Cowgill RF, Reddick DH, Cespedes LF, Ka’aihue 1B, Inge 3B, Crisp CF, Suzuki C, Pennington SS; McCarthy RHP.

KC — Gordon LF, Betancourt 2B, Butler DH, Moustakas 3B, Francoeur RF, Hosmer 1B, Escobar SS, Dyson CF, Quintero C; Hochevar RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Well,where are all those-and it sure wasn’t me- who said “There is no downside to signing Manny Ramirez” “It’s a win -win situation”…coughMykeUrbancough…I had something in my throat. I have more coughs ’cause there were others too.

  • marc

    Barton is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Speaks volumes that the putz wouldn’t even talk to the media. Does he think he’s important or something? Have fun playing in Japan.

  • Stan

    That idiot Kuiper continues to butcher Cespedes name. What a disrespectful sob he is. It just points to the management that cares nothing of the fans…doesn’t even care about the decency of saying a man’s name correctly.

  • Stan

    No wonder KC stinks. They challenged Reddick on a shallow fly ball?..lol. Numbskulls.

  • Stan

    Strike that-!.. Suzuki missed him. ’bout time we get a break.

  • Stan

    Funny-Yahoo sports this morning had an article wondering if Umpiring was worse in MLB?.

  • meh

    Barton and the umpiring in MLB have a lot in common, both are horrible and well, extremely inconsistent.

  • marc

    Meh, that is awesome….. Barton reminds me of this scene- Mens adult softball, your best player all the sudden has a raging fiery whirlwind of poopy terror and he is due up….it is a tight game, last inning and you are down 1 run with runners at 2nd and 3rd..you look everywhere for a replacement in the stands cuz your bench is empty…..you find someone willing to hit in a pinch……the dude you find has 2 left feet and 2 right hands……he watches every SLOW pitch and K’s…..Barton is that guy……