As pressure heats up, Jarrod Parker remains a cool customer

Here’s some postgame thoughts on the A’s 12-1 rout of Texas. And if you want to catch up on the A’s first day of the draft, you can do that too. The early draft story that I wrote differs a bit from what’s included in the main game story. …

–First the cameras caught Jarrod Parker sitting all by himself in the A’s dugout Monday night. A bit later, second baseman Jemile Weeks was sitting right beside Parker as the right-hander was going for the seventh no-hitter in Oakland history. Parker lost his no-hit bid in the eighth inning, but if you want to blame Weeks for jinxing it, think again. Teammates may have been trying to give Parker his space, but Parker was seeking out conversation to keep things casual. “He was actually talking to everybody,” A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki said. “He keeps it loose in there and does his thing.”

If demeanor counts for anything, I think we might see Parker get that no-hitter before his career is over. He’s got the stuff for it, and if the way he handled himself Monday is any indication, he has the mentality for it too. Even after the game, Parker was pretty low-key talking about his near brush with history. And he didn’t want to be isolated in the dugout. “Usually that’s how I am,” Parker said. “I didn’t want to change. (I want to) have a conversation like normal.”

–The A’s pulled back to within eight games of Texas. That’s nothing to get excited about, but with three games left in this series, they can make up more ground. Taking two of the final three, and they’re seven games out. Complete a four-game sweep, and they’re five out. Maybe that’s asking a lot. But if the A’s can take three of four, they will have shaven two games off their deficit in the AL West since the start of the series. And with two-thirds of the season left, the A’s can afford to think in small chunks for what they need to accomplish.

–Coco Crisp sat for the second straight game. A’s manager Bob Melvin said he wanted to keep Collin Cowgill’s hot bat in the lineup at left field, and it’s going to be interesting to see how much playing time Crisp gets if Cowgill continues hitting. I say that because Crisp would appear to be a prime trade candidate in July if the A’s fall from contention. And a guy needs to play if he’s going to be showcased.

Yoenis Cespedes made his second straight start in center field and had two RBIs. He left the game in the ninth with what was described as a minor injury to his left patella (kneecap). Cespedes wasn’t concerned about it, nor was Melvin. He’s expected to be available Tuesday night.

And that’s a wrap on a busy news day in A’s land …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    I hear rumors that Suzuki and Reddick will be traded. Beane-no shame in this sham of how not to run a team.

  • Stan

    Larry Kreuger as the A’s just ended a 9 game losing streaks and their 11 times being shut out,proclaimed Beane a “genius”.
    Joe-what kind of magic dust does Beane use on sportswriters and the media? The only genius with Slick Billy is how he manipulates the media..when the competing stations host praise Beane that screams neo conservatives stick together.