Yoenis Cespedes leaves game with leg injury

Here’s an update that A’s fans are not going to like …

Outfielder Yoenis Cespedes left Thursday’s game in the bottom of the first with a leg injury suffered while he was running the bases.

Cespedes had just singled off Rangers starter Yu Darvish — his sixth hit in his past six at-bats. He was going first to third on Seth Smith’s RBI single and pulled up lame right after he passed second base. Cespedes hobbled into third but was in obvious pain. My first thought is that it’s a hamstring injury, but the A’s haven’t given any word yet. Let’s not even talk about the rotten timing of this for the A’s — and the potential magnitude. Cespedes looked like he tweaked something pretty hard, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him headed back to the disabled list. He came in riding a 7 for 12 streak and played perhaps his best all-around game in Wednesday’s victory.


Collin Cowgill pinch-ran for Cespedes and went to right field, with Smith moving over to left field.

The A’s lead 1-0 in the top of the second. I should have a Cespedes update later …

Joe Stiglich

  • crister

    Carma for the obvious phasing out of Fosse.

  • Stan

    Ray deserves better for 40+ years of loyalty to the A’s. Welcome to Beane’s world..where baseball is a cold commodity. Right Slick?

  • marc

    It is time for a change, Fosse and Kuiper are STALE and a nightmare to listen to. I am all for it!

  • Derek

    Ray Fosse was a true A. He’d been with the team longer than anyone in modern history. I enjoyed Ray Fosse as both a player and as an announcer.

    Did Billy Beane truely believe he put together a decent offensive team. Beane is the moron who needs to be fired. Look at the crappy teams he puts together. The uy simply loves sub par 1-2 tooled guys like himself.