A’s release Manny Ramirez

The A’s have released Manny Ramirez, according to a release issued by the team.

The team said Ramirez requested his release and it was granted. Ramirez was hitting .302 with no home runs in 17 games at Triple-A Sacramento after returning from a 50-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s drug policy last year.

A release issued by Praver Shapiro Sports Management on behalf of Ramirez said: “Manny believes he has demonstrated that he is ready to return to the Major Leagues. However, given that the Oakland Athletics could not give Manny any assurance that they plan to promote him in the immediate future he asked for his release. Manny thanks the A’s for providing him with this opportunity.”


Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Put the shame on Beane..only gave Manny a contract as a publicity stunt,pie in the sky idea. Manny was just a tool for Beane to play with. When Manny surprised by actually getting a decent BA,Beane just toyed with Manny..and Ramirez knew he was wasting his time believing in Beane.
    Beane’s word is worthless.

  • Stan

    Like with Ben Sheets(10mill) and Duke (3 mill) and now Manny 1/5 a mill..money flushed down the clogged Coloseum toilets by a group who claim to be cash strapped.
    And all were based on wild,only Slick Billy hunches.

  • Stan

    And I will leave out Holliday and the Giambi rentals…

  • TnSD11

    100% agree with the A’s here.

    Where would we have put Manny? Smith and Cowgill have earned roster spots with their performance at big league level. With Cespedes coming back, there was no room for the A’s to work with. Beane did the honorable thing in releasing him and judging from Manny and especially his agent’s comments, Manny has no issues here.

    Moreover, the A’s were probably only on the hook for around $100-200K at this point. Peanuts, if they actually envisioned Manny being productive.

  • Qodrn

    The A’s owners continue to act like idiots. Tonight’s television broadcast is a good example. They have an Emmy winning duo, but that is not good enough. So, Hatteberg is there, his “partner” is doing a yoman’s job to pull anything out of this guy. And he is going to be there all weekend. Ray has issues, but at least he can put a couple of thoughts together.

    Let’s try this. Win A’s. Then, maybe you get a new stadium, ratings, etc. The management is living in the past where Silicon Valley had a ton of money to toss around. They don’t any more. What sports dollars there are in San Jose are committed to other things.

  • Stan

    There was no room for Manny in February..we all know that.