Random notes as A’s go for a sweep

The roof is closed for today’s matinee finale between the A’s and Blue Jays. Bob Melvin’s pregame media session is always a bit slow the morning after a night game. There’s just not a lot that happens from the time the team leaves the night before to when they get back to the park several hours later. Melvin saw highlights of Josh Reddick’s catch in right field Wednesday night and reiterated how impressed he was. He also is very encouraged about Chris Carter’s at-bats, and he says the walks he’s taking feed the slugger’s confidence. Carter walked in his first plate appearance last night, had some good swings in his next couple of at-bats and then homered in the sixth. “I think those walks, confidence-wise, are as important as home runs,” Melvin said.

–The lineups:
A’s — Crisp CF, Gomes RF, Reddick DH, Cespedes LF, Carter 1B, Inge 3B, Suzuki C, Hicks SS, Weeks 2B; Milone LHP.

Jays — Davis RF, Rasmus CF, Lawrie 3B, Encarnacion DH, Snider LF, Gomes 1B, Johnson 2B, Mathis C, Vizquel SS; Laffey LHP.

–Here’s a couple links to A’s stories from my co-workers:

Tim Kawakami talked to GM Billy Beane, who reiterated he is looking to aid Oakland’s postseason push with a trade.

Mark Emmons wrote about Chris Carter and how different he looks in this go-round in the majors.

And in case you didn’t catch my game story from last night’s 16-0 rout

Joe Stiglich

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