Josh Reddick’s SpiderMan plan had been in works for a while

There was lots to catch up on and a lot of loose ends to tie up after last night’s 15-inning marathon. At least when the A’s played 15 innings against Tampa Bay earlier this week, they had a night game the next day. Playing Toronto in an afternoon game today is a pretty brutal turnaround …

–Cutting to the chase on the SpiderMan topic: Josh Reddick was not wearing the costume underneath his uniform last night, which you might have thought judging by how quickly he emerged in the SpiderMan get-up after the game to pie Coco Crisp in the face. Reddick managed to get out of his game uniform and into the costume in about two minutes. Jonny Gomes said the idea had been brewing in Reddick’s head since the last road trip, when Reddick first donned the costume as a gag in Baltimore. Gomes said Reddick seriously sought his advice on whether he should pull it out for a walk-off celebration. “I thought about it and told him, if you want to, go ahead,” Gomes said. “He was like a kid in a candy store the way he lit up. He really wanted to do it. I’m not going to be a dream-crusher.”

–It’s no surprise that Yoenis Cespedes is not in the lineup after he sprained his right wrist last night and left the game. But A’s manager Bob Melvin said he doesn’t think the injury is bad, and he was even hopeful that Cespedes might be available to pinch-hit today. That would depend on how Cespedes felt taking swings in the cage. We didn’t get word on how it went. But Cespedes seemed in pretty good spirits in the clubhouse. It doesn’t seem the injury is too serious.

Coco Crisp is also out of the lineup, but Melvin said he’d been planning to give Crisp the day off for a while. It appeared like Crisp’s hamstring was bothering him running the bases last night, but as soon as I thought that, he wound up stealing third base. Melvin said a hamstring injury can make a player a bit hesitant to push it sometimes, but he didn’t seem overly concerned about Crisp.

–Melvin sounds as if he remains confident in Ryan Cook as his closer despite Cook’s recent shakiness. He said he would go to Cook for the third day in a row today if the situation called for it. And really, I’m not sure I see a better ninth-inning option on this roster. Grant Balfour pitched well last night, but he seems better suited to the setup role. Melvin said he doesn’t consider newcomer Pat Neshek a closer candidate right now. For all the feel-good vibes of another A’s walk-off win, the inconsistency in the closer’s spot should be a concern right now.

The lineups:
A’s — Weeks 2B, Taylor RF, Reddick CF, Carter 1B, Gomes LF, Inge 3B, Norris DH, Kottaras C, Rosales SS; Griffin RHP.

Jays — Escobar SS, Johnson 2B, Encarnacion 1B, Cooper DH, Davis LF, Y. Gomes C, Sierra RF, Gose CF, Hechavarria 3B; Romero LHP.

Joe Stiglich