Howe and Macha in the house with a few players from the 20-game streak

In for Joe Stiglich …

The A’s are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their American League record 20-game winning streak Saturday night, but a few of the gang from 2002 were on hand Friday, including a good portion of the coaching staff — manager Art Howe, bench coach Ken Macha, hitting coach Thad Bosley and first  base coach  Mike Quade. The players’ group was kind of skimpy. Those in town to represent the ’02 club are relievers Jim Mecir, Jeff Tam, Chad Bradford and Micah Bowie,  outfielder Terrence Long and first baseman Scott Hatteberg (who works for the A’s). Jermaine Dye was supposed to be here but was a late scratch.

There’s a partial explanation — a lot of the guys from that team are still playing, including Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, Ted Lilly, Ramon Hernandez, Mark Ellis, Eric Chavez and Aaron Harang. Then there’s Cory Lidle, who passed away in a plane crash. Olmedo Saenz is back in Panama somewhere. Not sure why Mark Mulder, Miguel Tejada, Eric Byrnes, Billy Koch and David Justice couldn’t make it, but after that, you really miss Adam Piatt, Frank Menechino and John Mabry?

Was looking over that 20-game streak and noticed some interesting facts. First, in 16 of the final 17 games of the streak — including 12 in a row — the A’s scored six runs or more. Lots of blowout wins. And they scored four in the one game they didn’t score six or more. Second, the streak ended when Minnesota’s Brad Radke shut them out 6-0 at the Metrodome, but then the club won three more in a row for 23 out of 24. Hudson and Zito both 4-0 during the streak and Koch had nine saves of his 44 saves.

Not a whole lot of news. Outfielder Josh Reddick had another dental procedure Friday and did not start. A.J. Griffin threw all of his pitches in a pre-game bullpen and will throw another Sunday. Brett Anderson will throw one Saturday at the Coliseum.

Tonight’s lineups:

A’s: Crisp CF, Weeks 2B, Cespedes LF, Carter 1B, Moss RF, Gomes DH, Donaldson 3B, Norris C, Pennington SS. Milone P

Cleveland: Kipnis 2B, Cabrera SS, Choo RF, Santana 1B, Brantley CF, Donald LF, Duncan DH, Lillibridge 3B, Marson C. McAllister P


Carl Steward

  • pdr

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  • Stan

    Byrnes wont show because he’s a stooge of the Giants now. Turning his back on teammates is a Eric specialty.

  • Stan

    He got the money from Arizona and ran faster then he did for the A’s in the AL championship series..
    now RAY FOSSE?-THAT’S AN A’s man!..even if he’s a repub..he’s all the rest A’s. Go Ray!

  • Stan

    And the local media getting sanctimonious of Melky the cheat and “Will never be a Giant again”..those SAME media’s-Urban,Radnich and others..called Beane a genius for signing Manny. Remember all that “A no lose signing” baloney?
    Yeah,tell me local media doesn’t take orders what to say…or write.

  • Joe Stiglich

    Thanks for the heads-up, pdr …

  • Stan

    David Justice is on THEGAME regularly. I guess the A’s woudn’t pay for the trip here.
    I think of him as a Brave anyways…

  • pdr

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, Stan. People still listen seriously to what Radnich has to say? Him and bitter Ray Ratto have been dead to me since 1990.

    Personally, I held out hope that the A’s would never associate themselves with Manny Ramirez, but Beane never ceases to amaze with moves that hurt the franchise just when you think it’s almost impossible to do so.

    The Mark Ellis trade really tested my ability to support the A’s but I rebounded and now with Kurt Suzuki gone, I’m not sure what to think anymore. These are guys that make the team go in ways you can’t necessarily measure with their personal stats.

    I hope Beane got it right and I’m wrong, but lately he’s been a little more aggressive than I like.