Jonny Gomes and the A’s celebrate Petaluma Little League victory in typical fashion

The A’s erupted in celebration and Brandon Inge stuffed a whipped cream pie in Jonny Gomes’ face. It was yet another walkoff celebration for Oakland, but this one came before the A’s even took the field Monday. Players were glued to the T.V. watching the Petaluma National All-Stars play New Jersey in an elimination game of the Little League World Series. When Danny Marzo hit an extra-inning homer to win the game for Petaluma, bedlam broke out in the A’s clubhouse. Gomes, a Petaluma native, has an emotional investment in his hometown team, and his teammates are catching the fever too.

Gomes watched on T.V. while wearing a Petaluma hat and shirt — the team colors just happen to be green and gold. After Marzo’s homer, Gomes jumped on a couch in the A’s clubhouse. Inge immediately shoved a whipped cream pie in his face, the signature celebration that has marked the A’s major league-best 13 walk-off victories. “It’s just like we do after a game,” Inge said. “The kids deserve it.”

Gomes said he didn’t expect to be nailed by a pie. “It’s probably the first pregame pie in the history of the game,” he joked.

Gomes gathered cleats, batting gloves and sunglasses he wanted to send to the Petaluma players before the World Series. Then he found out Little League already is contracted to provide such equipment to teams. So Gomes has those gifts waiting for Petaluma’s players when they get home. The supplies were boxed up and sitting by his locker Sunday morning. Gomes also said he’s pleased that his teammates are taking a rooting interest in the team.

“You’ve got major leaguers up here watching 12-year-olds get after it,” he said with pride.

Joe Stiglich