Coco Crisp sits with foot injury, so A’s go outside the box with their lineup

Many days you see the A’s lineup card and it’s the standard nine guys. Then there are days like this … Stephen Drew leading off, Josh Reddick batting second, Brandon Moss playing left field. What brings on this madness? Coco Crisp is hobbling after fouling a ball off his right foot in his second at-bat last night. He was walking with a big ice pack on his foot last night, and he was limping some when he arrived in the clubhose this afternoon, so he’s in some pretty good pain. Crisp had X-rays, which showed no fractures in the foot, manager Bob Melvin said. The center fielder is day-to-day.

As a result, Melvin went a bit outside-the-box with his lineup, though Drew has more career starts in the leadoff spot (210) than any other place in the batting order, according to baseball-reference.com. As for Reddick, he goes from the No. 3 spot, to two games hitting well in the sixth spot, to No. 2 today as a result of Drew being bumped up. Reddick said it’s no big deal to him, and Melvin said he’d feel OK hitting Reddick second even if he hadn’t hit well the past two games.

–With Yoenis Cespedes playing center field tonight, Brandon Moss gets a rare start in left field. “I don’t care where I play. I’m just happy that I’m in that thing,” Moss said, pointing to the lineup card in the clubhouse. He hasn’t been getting much time lately as Chris Carter has become somewhat of the regular starter at first base.

–The A’s are holding a “Weekend With Bernie” promotion for Saturday’s game against the Red Sox, a nod to the “Bernie” dance that’s become all the rage with the A’s this season. As part of the festivities, actor Terry Kiser, who played the role of Bernie in the “Weekend at Bernie’s” movies, will throw out the first pitch. “Weekend at Bernie’s” is where Kiser found big-screen fame. Any “Three’s Company” fanatics out there? He also had some classic cameos on that show, and the fact that I can drop that kind of “Three’s Company” knowledge on you says all you need to know about my social life 🙂

At any rate, fans can buy $12 Plaza Level outfield seats for Saturday by going to oaklandathletics.com/bernie and using the coupon code “bernie”.

Here’s tonight’s lineups:

A’s — Drew SS, Reddick RF, Cespedes CF, Smith DH, Carter 1B, Moss LF, Donaldson 3B, Norris C, Rosales 2B; Milone LHP.

Indians — Kipnis 2B, Cabrera DH, Choo RF, Santana C, Brantley CF, Duncan LF, Lillibridge SS, Kotchman 1B, Donald 3B; McAllister RHP.

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    Only Cleveland combines the racist drum beat AND the stereotype smiling cartoon Indian. Any wonder they are losers decade after decade?

  • Stan

    OAKLAND is rolling. I don’t doubt this team can get to the World Serious.