McCarthy is “progressing nicely”; George Kottaras draws another start at catcher for A’s

It’s another beautiful night in Seattle. I have never felt it as warm in this city during baseball season as it is this weekend. …

The news continues to be encouraging regarding Brandon McCarthy. A’s trainer Nick Paparesta says the pitcher is “progressing nicely” in his recovery from brain surgery. Paparesta talked to Brandon’s wife, Amanda, this morning, and she said McCarthy sat up in bed most of the morning and that he was asking the doctor lots of questions during his daily examination. He was also eating well. All good signs … Doctors are thinking of transferring him to a transitional care unit, which is the stage between intensive care and being in a regular hospital room. McCarthy is now three days removed from his surgery to clear out the bleeding around his brain, and Paparesta was asked if McCarthy is past the critical stage doctors talked about regarding any possible complications.

“I’d give it one more day,” Paparesta said. “With any head injury you need to be cautious. But the progress has been great and we’re all very excited about it.”

A’s manager Bob Melvin said he was aware of the tweets McCarthy had posted himself Saturday morning, when he was flashing his usual humor. “It does put a smile on your face,” Melvin said.

Paparesta also said he was encouraged by McCarthy’s activity on Twitter.

“As you can tell, they’re his thoughts, and I think that’s important,” Paparesta said. “It’s good that people are able to see that he’s still got it all together right now. It’s great.”

Unfortunately, you can only shake your head at how some people use Twitter in these situations. Amanda McCarthy received a couple of hurtful and horribly inappropriate tweets from someone who reportedly had an MLB.com-affiliated blog at one time but no longer does. There’s no explaining some people’s behavior …

–As for the baseball news, here’s tonight’s lineups:

A’s: Crisp CF, Smith DH, Reddick RF, Cespedes LF, Carter 1B, Drew SS, Donaldson 3B, Kottaras C, Pennington 2B; Anderson LHP.

M’s: Ackley 2B, Gutierrez CF, SEager 3B, Montero C, Smoak 1B, Saunders RF, Olivo DH, Robinson LF, Ryan SS; Iwakuma RHP.

Melvin said he wanted to give the left-handed hitting George Kottaras another start against a right-handed pitcher. The catcher has three homers and 11 RBIs in his past four games. Melvin also likes the way Kottaras is handling pitchers and getting familiar with the entire staff. He said Derek Norris would be back in Sunday against lefty Jason Vargas.

There were some long faces in the clubhouse before the game regarding some college football scores. Josh Donaldson (Auburn alum) was not happy about the Tigers losing to Mississippi State. And Cliff Pennington (Texas A&M) was fuming about the Aggies falling to Florida.

Football season has arrived …

Joe Stiglich