Brett Anderson discusses his oblique injury; no results yet from MRI

After a two-hour wait to get an MRI at a local hospital, A’s left-hander Brett Anderson finally returned to Comerica Park (and was probably surprised to find reporters waiting for him).

The long and short of it: He doesn’t have the results yet and doesn’t know how much time he’ll miss, if any. But his oblique is “sore to the touch,” in his words. He didn’t hurt himself while slipping off the mound or while trying to field two bunts.

“In the second inning I felt it a little in the dugout, I thought it might be a cramp or something. I went out there for the third and it kinda got progressively worse and worse. I tried to pitch through it, but at that point it’s not gonna do anybody any good to try and pitch through it and suck at the same time.”

“It’s pretty disheartening (considering) the way I’ve been throwing. To come back after surgery and six starts into it, have some other kind of fluke injury that i don’t really know how it happened … It wasn’t like it was a one-pitch deal.”

Asked whether he can tell how serious it might be based on how it feels:

“It’s sore to the touch and sore when I do certain movements and stuff, and it kind of bothers me to sit. Obviously I haven’t tried to throw or play catch. I’ve been sitting in this (expletive) MRI tube for a couple of hours. The only injury I’ve had is Tommy John so I don’t have any experience with this one. We’ll see what happens when the results come back from the MRI.”

Joe Stiglich