Looking ahead as A’s switch into postseason mode

The A’s earned their ticket to the A.L. Divisional Series, and right now they sort of remind you of that low seed in the NCAA Tournament that is gathering momentum and nobody wants to face. A big part of the A’s success to this point is their outlook on things — they’ve attacked this season with carefree abandon, flourishing in the underdog role and knowing that not much was expected of them all season. Will things change in that approach now? With the American League down to a four-team bracket after Friday, the A’s certainly won’t be sneaking up on anybody in the postseason. In fact, they’re the second seed and Detroit is the third, so the A’s technically should be the hunted in this series. Surely, they’d like to maintain their role as the upstart team that still has doubters to convert.

“Ever since I’ve been here, it’s always been, ‘The A’s can’t compete because of payroll,'” A’s catcher Derek Norris said. “We’re better off (having doubters). I hope they keep doing it.”

I’m interested to see how this team reacts to the playoff atmosphere. A’s manager Bob Melvin has excelled all year at instilling the A’s with the right mental approach, whether it’s leading into a tough series, a tough road trip or bouncing back from a tough loss.

The A’s went 3-4 against the Tigers in the regular season, going 2-2 at home and 1-2 in a series at Comerica Park on the last road trip.

Here’s what Melvin had to say about facing Detroit:

“It’s going to be a tough matchup. They played very well against us during the season. They have a very powerful lineup that can certainly score some runs. They also have great starting pitching. We will have our work cut out for us.”

That’s all for now …

Joe Stiglich

  • Derek

    Go A’s win this title despite your lousy ownwership group. What a great story no matter what happens.

  • Stan

    wow-How many cheating Cabreras are there ? GO A’s LETS GO OAKLAND!

    BTW,I predicted it..eh,uh,And I wrote that prediction on paper for a time capsule. In 2072 you will see!

  • Bill

    Anyone notice how Game 2 will be on MLB Network? I pay $80 a month to Comcast and do not receive this channel. I guess I’ll be streaming it via a pirate web site to my TV via HDMI. It’ll be fuzzy, but I’ll see it.
    Damn, no love for the A’s. FOX on Saturday didn’t think the A’s were worthy of being telecast (lucky CSNCA came to their senses & picked it up) Now TBS thinks were are not we are low grade…When the A’s are playing in the WS again, many around the country might be seeing them for the first time!

  • Stan

    Check out MLB tomorow Bill. I’m sure it has to be unscrambled. I ‘ve never heard of a pay per view MLB playoff for one teams hometown. If not..that will reek of greed.

  • Bill

    Thanks Stan, I will indeed test your theory. I have my HDMI cord ready, just in case.
    Go A’s!

  • Bill

    Stan, the channel remained scrambled. I’m watching on the internet. It’s tied 4-4 in the 9th…GO A’s!
    BTW, MLB, I will NEVER suscribe to your channel. NEVER!
    They can go to hell.

  • Bill

    Great job MLB. You create a phony wildcard card where fans toss garbage…Make the team with “home field” play on the road to start…And prevent millions from watching the playoffs on regular cable. Well done!

  • dnrapp

    That is why I dumped Comcrap many years ago. MLB Network is part of the standard package on Directv