Curtain finally falls on an A’s season to remember

It was an odd scene to observe inside the A’s clubhouse after a 6-0 Game 5 loss to Detroit. Players were packing their bags, giving hugs, shaking hands and heading their separate ways for the offseason. The past few years, we’ve seen the finish line coming well before it arrived. But the way this season unfolded down the stretch, there was no time (or reason) to think about the finish line. Every game mattered. And then, with the final out in the ninth Thursday, it’s all done. And it hit quick.

There’s no doubt this year’s A’s team struck a chord with fans and formed a bond that past teams didn’t quite achieve. Anyone who was in the stadium after the game, when so much of the crowd stuck around and gave a huge ovation, could feel that. There were reports that G.M. Billy Beane was shaking hands as he drove out of the parking lot. Who saw this love affair coming just a couple months ago?

“It felt great,” A’s right fielder Josh Reddick said of the postgame ovation. “We knew something like that was gonna happen with these guys. I got really close with the right field fans. You gotta give back to the fans when they’ve been giving it to us all year.”

How do the A’s keep the ball rolling once spring training arrives in February? Hopefully Beane unveils part of his plan when he holds his end-of-the-season chat with reporters. But it sure doesn’t feel like the A’s are due for a roster tear-down and rebuild this winter, and that alone has to make an A’s fan smile …

Joe Stiglich

  • Stan

    My aching back was an omen I guess.
    One thing..why didn’t Melvin have the A’s drag a few bunts?..get Verlander out of his zone?..if he had to run off the mound and field..break that comfort zone where he had no worries. Instead, they went like Zombies,1,2,3 yer out one after another.
    I didn’t like the defeatest attitude or Melvin.

  • played alot of ball have ya, Stan? yeah, its easy to drag bunt when the pitcher is dealing like Verlander was…bet you could have done it from your couch you moron

  • Stan

    Its easier to bunt then hit,in trying to throw him off..you don’t get it huh?. The idea is to upset his rhythm. Now go crawl back into your hole under the bridge Dave and spare us your idiotic troll views.

  • Stan

    You might have noticed Dave, swing away didn’t work.

  • RollieVidaRickySal


    I agree against Verlander the team did nothing to break his rhythm, up his pitch count and increase their own chance to put the ball in play against a suspect Detroit defense. However, the team had a great fantastic run this year but their approach at the plate was one dimensional. It seemed everyone, except for Coco, swung for the fences all the time. As a stark contrast look at Miguel Cabrerra’s approach at the plate (or pick any other great hitter: Jeter, Carew, etc…) Never saw any good inside-out swings to protect the plate, foul balls off and up the pitch count of opposing pitchers. Not enough going to the opposite field/going with the pitch. Great example is Jemile Weeks. At 5’9″ and a buck 60 that guy swung just as hard as Josh Reddick or Yoenis Cespedes. Effen unbelievable and a disgrace. Hope someone sends him in the off season to the Rod Carew/Tony Gwynn/Ichiro Suzuki school of hitting b/c that is exactly how someone with his speed, size and (lack of) power should be swinging the bat/hitting. Hell, most of the A’s should go (especially our catchers – DAMN!) and develop that swing to compliment the power stroke they all have. If that were to happen, this team would wear out any and every opposing pitcher/pitching staff, score in several innings per game and have 100 to 110+ wins.

  • RollieVidaRickySal

    Now I’m asking for the moon when at the beginning of this last season I expected nothing. Hahaha, funny how things change. Luv Oakland. Let’s Go A’s!!!

  • Stan

    Right on Rollie!