A heartfelt farewell

Hey everybody …

It’s with very mixed emotions that I share with you I’ll be leaving the A’s beat – and leaving Bay Area News Group — in the near future. … Talk about a tough transaction to report! It’s a very exciting time as I explore and see where my career takes me next. But this was no easy decision for me to arrive at. One, I’m leaving a lot of good friends behind at a company that delivers such top-notch journalism. Two, I’ve forged so many great relationships since taking over the A’s beat in 2007.

There’s a rhythm that comes with covering major league baseball. A daily routine gets established over 162 games, and you get to know the people in and around an organization in-depth – players, coaches, trainers, broadcasters, front office people, clubhouse staff, etc. There’s a rapport that develops even as you play the role of objective journalist, and it’s those connections that I know I will miss the most. A beat writer’s adrenaline rush comes from chasing down the news, investigating trade rumors and cranking out game stories on tight deadlines. But I also tried to savor the subtleties – casually talking hitting with Chili Davis, listening to Brandon Moss break down the difference between good pine tar and bad pine tar. That’s priceless stuff, and if my next job somehow incorporates these types of moments, that will be a very good thing.

There’s lots of (justifiable) griping on the baseball beat. The travel delays. The hours spent waiting on players to emerge for interviews. Press box Internet problems? Don’t get me started. But I’ve never lost sight of what a privilege it is to cover major league baseball. It’s been quite the experience, and thanks to all of you for reading my stories and coming along for the ride …

Joe Stiglich

  • Oakland4ever

    Thanks Joe & appreciate you never promoting the idea that MLB should be dead in Oakland….Cheers!

  • Oakland Sí

    sorry to see you go, Joe. You’ve probably been my favorite A’s beat writer these years. Best wishes on your next steps.

  • pdr

    Good luck! Wish you fixed the links to the blog on the side bar, but I guess it’s too late for that 🙂

  • Andrew

    Best of you luck to you, Joe! Thank you for your superb coverage of the A’s. Always looked forward to reading your stories and following you on Twitter.

  • Stan

    Good luck. I hope I learned you real good. Now,go improve mankind!