Rain cuts short A’s plans for a full Wednesday workout

PHOENIX – Baseball teams like training in Arizona in the spring because it generally doesn’t rain much in the desert.

When it does, however, teams don’t have much protection against having the skies open up.

So it is Wednesday. The temperature is down 20 degrees from Tuesday, the fields are soaked and the winds are blowing cool. After holding players in the clubhouse for about an hour, the A’s gave up on hopes of having a full workout and dismissed all but a handful of pitchers and catchers.

Those few headed for Papago Park, down the road from the base at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, where the pitchers threw to the catchers from mounds under the comfort, relatively speaking, of batting cages that include a roof.

“We’re just giving the position players a day off,’’ manager Bob Melvin said. “Most of the hitters worked in the cages earlier this morning anyway.

“It’s probably a good day to have off. We’ve been going at it for a bit and some pain and soreness is starting to take effect. It’s a long spring and we’ve got some time. We’re not in a hurry.’’

John Hickey

A longtime baseball writer three years into in his second go-round covering to the Oakland A's beat after a dozen years covering the Seattle Mariners. Covered the A's through the late 1980s and 1990s.