A’s add right-handed first baseman Freiman off waivers from Astros

One of the great things about sports in general and baseball in particular is how quickly things can change.

A’s manager Bob Melvin went through a Q-and-A about his first base situation about 45 minutes ago, saying he would be comfortable having left-handed hitting Brandon Moss as his only true first baseman.

But, he added, the club is always looking “to see what pops up.’’

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A’s catch a break; Reddick not seriously hurt

Oakland got some good news during the A’s 4-all tie with the White Sox Friday night.

Josh Reddick came out of the game after suffering a sprained left ankle in the second inning. However, Reddick left Phoenix Municipal Stadium under his own power saying he thought he’d be fine.

And manager Bob Melvin echoed that.

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Night game vs. White Sox shakes up A’s schedule

For those of us trying our hands at covering baseball, among the things you can count on is the absolute day-and-night nature of the sport from spring training to the regular season.

Tonight, the Oakland A’s play their only Cactus League night game of the season. It means a break from having the alarm going off before the sun rises, and a welcome break it is indeed.

Once the season starts, nine of Oakland’s first 11 games will be at night, and that’s the way it will be for most of the 162-game schedule. Plenty of time to stay up late and to sleep in, unless you have a flight to catch that day.

While the night game will be the coin of the realm once the season starts, it’s an anomaly right now, and it takes a little getting used to.

So if you expected to get a blog post this morning, well, blame it on the night game.

Actually, while spring training day games and day workouts appeal to player and manager both, they could probably use more work at night in Arizona to get used to the lights under which they will work most of the season.

A’s manager Bob Melvin said he’s happy at least that two of the three games at next week’s Bay Bridge Series against the San Francisco Giants are under the lights.

“It’s good we have those two games in San Francisco to get acclimated,’’ Melvin said. The games Thursday and Friday in AT&T Park are under the lights, while the Saturday game in Oakland is a 1:05 contest.


A appreciation of Pat Neshek’s torturous journey

One of the things about a job like mine is there are questions you hate to ask, only because were the roles reversed, you’d hate to have them asked of you.

I say this today because I spent 30 minutes or so talking with Pat Neshek of the A’s this morning, Neshek and his wife, Stephanee, lost their son, Gehrig John, just 23 hours after he was born last Oct. 2.

He just stopped breathing.

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Evidence shows Nakajima having trouble adjusting

One thing this spring has already proven is that it’s not going to be easy for Hiroyuki Nakajima.

He’s in his first year in the U.S. from Japan, and he just doesn’t look comfortable eiher at shortstop or at the plate. How soon he does will determine when, or even if, he claims the starting shortstop job for which the A’s signed him.

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As catcher Luke Montz’s pain subisdes, his memory of homer off Weaver will remain

There’s no lonelier and agonizing feeling on the baseball field than being a catcher rolling around in the dirt near home plate after taking a foul ball in the family jewels.

Yes, you’re surrounded by people hoping the pain isn’t too bad, but the fact is the pain is gruesome, if not everlasting, and there’s nada that anyone can do about it.

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Tarantula wrangler Gallego highlights newest group of A’s television commercials

The A’s introduced their new line of television commercials to the media Saturday morning, and the early Star Power award goes to third base coach Mike Gallego.

Without giving too much away, Gallego was asked to handle a tarantula and a possum for the sports, and he did so without yelping, which I’m reasonably certain I would have done.

Sad to say, the tarantula didn’t make it into the final cuts, although the blooper reel shows a rather formidable arachnid making his presence felt.

The possum isn’t an animal I’d particularly want to pick up, although Gallego makes it work.

The first of the commercials, Pie Alternatives, is already online at www.oakland.athletics.mlb.com and debuts today in the Bay Area. This first commercial geatures Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick. It is a play on the frequent post-game pie celebrations that marked the A’s American League West title season of 2012 as the A’s try to go beyond simple pies to the face.

Others featured in the commercials are pitcher Ryan Cook, Sean Doolittle, Jarrod Parker, outfielder Chris Young, coach Chip Hale, manager Bob Melvin and an actor playing a guru who gets off the best line of anyone at Crisp’s expense.