Reddick back in the lineup on night he receives Gold Glove, while Nakajima, Rosales make progress

In for John Hickey …

Josh Reddick will receive his Gold Glove Friday night. Eight family members, including his parents and grandparents, will be in Oakland for the first time to see it.

But here’s the best news of all – Reddick will be back in the lineup. Anyone who saw his ugly spill in Houston surely was concerned he might not be back for a good long while.

“At the time the injury happened, I didn’t foresee having him back this quick,” said manager Bob Melvin before the A’s game against the Detroit Tigers. “So, him only missing just the one series, I think we were fortunate. We caught a break there considering how it looked at the time.”

Reddick missed just three games with a sprained wrist, and he could have played Thursday night in Anaheim, but Melvin erred on the side of caution.

But Reddick couldn’t wait to get back out on the field

“I’m tired of sitting on the bench and just watching, as people can probably see one the video,” he said. “I don’t like sitting around and doing nothing, so I’m very excited to back — perfectly timed on the night I receive the award.”

So how did he feel about the team’s performance against the Angels?

“I saw a team that hasn’t needed me the last three days,” he said. They’ve been great, hitting and starting pitching. I don’t want to say they’ve picked up the slack for me because I haven’t done a whole lot, but it hasn’t just one guy. I just hope I don’t throw anything off.”

Reddick said in addition to his parents Kenny and Cheryl and his grandparents, his sister and brother, his brother’s wife and their 1 ½ year daughter have made the trip from Georgia to Oakland to see him receive his Gold Glove honor.

“They’ve had a rough few days,” Reddick said. “They were supposed to be here last night, got delayed out of Savannah for about three hours, sat on the plane for three ways on the runway, and missed their connection in Atlanta. They just got here (around 2 p.m.Friday).”

His thoughts on receiving the Gold Glove?

“It means a ton,” he said. “It just shows I had a good offensive year, but I had a huge defensive year as well. The hardware’s obviously nice, but I never really anticipated winning the award. I was just trying to help us win ballgames.”

He admitted he’s still surprised he received the honor.

“I had a feeling I was going to be mentioned, but I never thought in my first full year that I’d win that award, especially with guys out there like (Jeff) Francouer and (Shin-Soo) Choo, who I went up against. So it was a huge surprise.”

INJURY FRONT: Hiro Nakajima (hamstring) took batting practice and infield with the team Friday afternoon for the first time since his injury during spring training and was being evaluated as to the next step. Nakajima has been working with a rehab coordinator in Oakland daily and said he has been doing some jogging but also has run some sprints.

“When I do sprints, I still feel a little discomfort, but it’s steadily getting better,” Nakajima said through interpreter Hiroo Nishi.

Nakajima said while he is still recovering, he wants “take each step very carefully.” He understands he may be more valuable playing second base when he finally returns due to the loss of second baseman Scott Sizemore with a second ACL knee injury, but will leave that up to Melvin and the coaching staff.

“I don’t see it as an opportunity,” Nakajima said. “I feel horrible for Scott.”

Nakajima will head out on a rehab assignment, most likely with Triple-A Sacramento, when he is deemed fit to play. He said he has kept up with Oakland’s winning streak and is excited about the team’s prospects.

“The general impression is just `wow,’ “ he said. “They score a lot of runs, and while they were away, I was busy surfing through the channels to find the game on TV. I’ve been following them every day.”

So has Adam Rosales (intercostal strain), who says he is about 90 percent. He can run full speed and take batting practice, but like Nakajima, is being careful. He hasn’t cut loose with a cross-the-diamond throw or hit off live pitching, but trainer Nick Paparesta said Rosales was doing great and he can cross those final hurdles in the coming days, would be heading out on a rehab assignment.

Even though he stands to get increased playing time due to Sizemore’s injury, Rosales felt very badly for his teammate.

“That was tough for me to watch.,” he said. “My heart goes out to him, it really does. My stomach dropped once I saw him walk off the field, same knee. I was thinking, `That’s not good.’ I hope the best for him and his family.”

A’s trainer Nick Paparesta said Sizemore will have surgery to repair his left knee ACL for a second time Tuesday after consulting with Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Fla., on Friday. The first time he had the surgery last February, tissue was taken from his hamstring to repair the knee. This time around, Paparesta said Sizemore will receive a different type of graft, either from his patella tendon or perhaps tissuer from a cadaver.

Brett Anderson’s thumb is fine. Anderson dinged the thumb trying to barehand a comebacker during the Angels series.

Melvin made a special point of acknowledging the Warriors’ playoff accomplishment, as might be expected of someone who is the godson of longtime former Warriors trainer Dick D’Oliva.

“Congratulations to the Warriors and Mark Jackson, what a terrific run,” Melvin said. “To see them get to the postseason this year is phenomenal. We have a lot of Warrior fans here, so we’re all pulling and watching “

After their slow start, the A’s are hitting .292 as a team. Perhaps most noteworthy, they have struck out just 57 times in 10 games, fourth fewest in the American League for a team that was expected might lead the league in whiffs.

“We’re getting great at-bats right now,” Melvin said. “I can’t remember a team that’s scored so many runs, had so many hits, had so many good at-bats through the course of a whole road trip like we just had. It’s only a 10-game snapshot to this point but after the first two games, we’ve not only been very timely but the at-bats have been good. Even when we don’t score early, we’re making pitchers work and taking advantage of it later.”


A’S: CF Crisp, SS Lowrie, RF Reddick, LF Cespedes, 1B Moss, C Jaso, DH Smith, 3B Donaldson, 2B Sogard. RHP Colon

DETROIT: CF Jackson, LF Dirks, 3B Cabrera, 1B Fielder, DH Martinez, C Avila, SS Peralta, RF Kelly, 2B Santiago. RHP Scherzer


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