Game 37 wrapup: Jaso’s knowledge of Iwakuma no advantage; Straily likely to get one more start

There’s an old adage in baseball that the batter who is a biggest threat to a pitcher is someone who’s spent some time catching that pitcher.

It played out Friday night when John Jaso, who caught Hisashi Iwakuma last year in Seattle, had two of Oakland’s four hits off Iwakuma in seven innings in a 6-3 Seattle win.

Jaso doesn’t care about the numbers. He said it doesn’t work that way, at least when he is the catcher involved.

    “I feel that I don (have an advantage),’’ Jaso said. “I know all the pitches he throws. And then I can think about all the pitches he can throw any old time.

“Thinking in that situation works to my disadvantage.’’


–The A’s are due to get Brett Anderson back on May 17. Dan Straily, the man currently filling in for Anderson, has allowed 15 earned runs in 15 innings in three starts in Anderson’s absence.

Does he make the next start? Probably so. The next time the A’s need that spot filled will be next Wednesday, Feb. 15. It’s a good guess that Straily makes that start, then is the man sent down the next day (an off day) to get Anderson back on the roster.

Anderson, for his part will pitch Sunday in San Antonio for Midland in a Double-A game. Assuming his sprained right ankle comes out of the game without a problem, he’d be positioned five days later to move back into the rotation.


–The A’s are going to have to do something about their early offense.

Or, more aptly, do something about their lack of early offense.

Oakland has been outscored 15-2 in the first three innings of this road trip, meaning the A’s are always coming from behind. And that’s no way to win.

And while the starting pitching has much to do with the problem, the defense continues to suffer breakdowns early in games, including Friday, when Josh Donaldson cut in front of Jed Lowrie and blocked the shortstop’s view of what would likely have been a double play. The A’s then scored twice.

John Hickey

A longtime baseball writer three years into in his second go-round covering to the Oakland A's beat after a dozen years covering the Seattle Mariners. Covered the A's through the late 1980s and 1990s.

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    I hear the A’s are bringing back Daric Barton? Is he a cat? 9 lives? When Beane likes you,logic goes out the window,sheesh.