Game 48 wrap: Despite a sour ending in Arlington, opportunity still there for a great Texas trip

In for John Hickey, who I envision right now behind the wheel of a giant moving van somewhere around Grants Pass, Ore. …

OK, flush this one. Best part of Wednesday’s 3-1 A’s loss? It only took 2 hours, 22 minutes, the shortest game of the year at Rangers Ballpark. It leaves me the rest of the day to ponder what to eat here in Arlington. Appears I have two choices based on the restaurant fare deep in the heart of Texas — steak or chicken. Salad? I think I have to drive to New Mexico, although I actually spotted a Whole Foods here next to the Whattaburger and Waffle House. Can you believe it?

Tough loss, but look at this way. The A’s came in here, and save Jarrod Parker’s rough first inning, posted a whole lot of zeroes against perhaps the best hitting team in baseball in their own park. Parker made a couple of here-hit-me fastball mistakes, but other than that, he looked like the best of the Parker we saw last season. Even without Brett Anderson, the rotation appears to be rounding into form, and we already know about the nails bullpen.

They also left 32 men on base in three games yet won two of them. And put on your party hats, fans, the A’s are going to Houston to face the 13-33 Astros, against which they are 6-0 so far this season. And they get a day off to think about it. Stay off the Aroldis Chapman dessert diet, and I like their chances.

Nice day in Dallas today, by the way, best I’ve ever seen maybe. Little humidity, low 80s, felt like the Bay Area. But the A’s come back here June 17-21. Glad I’m not doing that trip.

Adam Rosales is one of the nicest guys in the A’s clubhouse, so he was still approachable after two horrific days here. He went 0-for-7, and had several chances to drive in key runs, but came up empty with a couple of double plays and some ill-timed popups.

You know it’s not your series when you’re playing short, and you run to cover second base on a possible steal that winds up being a hit-and-run and the hitter smacks the ball right where you HAD been standing.

“That happens,” he said. “But it’s a little frustrating. We did take two out of three, which is a huge positive against these guys. But now I’m ready to move on, go to Houston and hopefully I’ll have more opportunities to drive runners in.”Chances are he will. Very possible if Jed Lowrie plays it’ll be as the DH, because his right foot was still sore and swollen after getting plunked by a Yu Darvish slider Tuesday night.

The A’s have had some weird streaks working. The ongoing one is the 14 consecutive solo homers, an Oakland club mark and one shy of the all-time Athletics mark. I tried to call an end to that one in the sixth inning, but even I didn’t have my hitting shoes on today.

Another streak ended last night, which I failed to denote. Lou Montz’s single in the seventh ended an 0-for-16 run by A’s pinch-hitters. That actually RAISED their season pinch-hitting batting average to .071 (3-for-42). Oakland has the most pinch-hit appearances in the AL, but have the least to show for it. Where’s Mike McFarlane when you need him, eh?










Carl Steward

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    Go A’s!…better then the spam posts..

  • Stan

    On the THEGAME, Whitey Gleason said he wants to see what mayor “Rick Quon” could do about the sports situation.
    I tell ya,Oakland gets no respect,no respect at all I tell ya..

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    Rick Quan.

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    Nice work Carl. Try not to bake in the Texas heat. Any comments on Nakajima?

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    Good to know. I was still shocked to see one.