Pregame notes: Reddick hopes to be back with A’s by next Friday, Lowrie Saturday or Sunday

In for John Hickey, who is somewhere moving a piano or a refrigerator right now …

Made it to Houston by car from Arlington and somehow didn’t wind up in some Podunkville jail. For those contemplating that drive on a future Oakland swing through Texas, bring lots of good music. It’s a whole lotta nuttin’ out there on I-45, unless you like to count auto repair shops constructed of sheet metal (thank the lord I didn’t break down).

Josh Reddick made it to Houston, too. He took half of a batting practice before the game for the first time since going on the disabled list May 7 with a sprained right wrist. For a guy who was contemplating surgery when the A’s were in Cleveland, he’s suddenly talking about being back with major league club by next Friday when Oakland hosts the Chicago White Sox.

So how the session go?

“It felt great, I was happy with the results,” Reddick said. “I didn’t get too many pitches on the outer half and I was kind of upset about that because I wanted to see how I was going that way. But the biggest thing for me was being able to pull the ball, so that’s one thing I really wanted to test out because I wasn’t able to do it before. It felt great, I didn’t feel anything, and I was driving the ball that way.”

Reddick hit the ball hard, including three over the wall … including on his final two swings.

“I’m haven’t been holding anything back since the second or third day of swinging (he’s been hitting off a tee and soft-tossing back in Oakland),” he said. “I want to make sure it’s there completely. I don’t want to go to soft and then come out in a game, go full speed and feel something. I’m making sure I test all waters.”

Reddick said he wanted to continue, but “I know it’s not the smartest thing to do right now because we’re slowly progressing it. If I rush it and do something, then all this time is wasted and I have to start from Page One.”

Reddick will take a full BP Saturday, rest Sunday, then begin a minor league assignment Monday if there are no setbacks. He will play in Stockton on Monday because the Sacramento River Cats won’t return from a road trip until Tuesday. He’ll play in Sacto starting Tuesday for as long as he needs.

“I talked to Bob (Melvin) today and he wants to make sure I get as comfortable as possible, whether it takes five at-bats or 15-20 at-bats,” Reddick said.

Jed Lowrie could put a shoe on but not a cleat. The swelling had subsided considerably on the outside of his right foot after getting plunked there by a Yu Darvish slider Tuesday night. He was still limping a bit and said, “It’s a lot better, but not better to play.” He hopes that if he makes as much improvement as he has over the last 24 hours, he’ll be back in the lineup Saturday or Sunday, adding “it’s a day-to-day thing.” Added Melvin, “It’s certainly not a DL situation.”

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Carl Steward