Starting series with a day game has its drawbacks

It’s unusual for the first game of a homestand to be a day game, and as such, the building up to Monday’s Memorial Day game between the Athletics and the Giants at the Coliseum was a little out of the norm.

Neither team took batting practice, the A’s having flown in from Houston Sunday night and the Giants having made the trek from San Francisco early Monday morning.

    Teams generally have their advance meetings a few hours before the first game of a series, and that was the case Monday. That made batting practice impractical if either side was going to get any sleep.

This is also the first two-game series of the season for the A’s, which will quickly be followed by another two-game series Wednesday and Thursday across the bay. In all, the A’s will play four two-game series this year, which, while is the new norm, is far from universally popular.

In three of the four cases – the San Francisco series this week, a set with the Reds at home June 25-26 and two more in Cincinnati Aug. 6-7 – the series starts with a night game, then is followed by an early afternoon game the next day.

It’s not so bad for these two series, because the A’s and Giants know each other well from spring training and the Bay Bridge Series just before the season starts, but it will be more of a factor against the Reds, A’s manager Bob Melvin said.

“I don’t like (two-game series),’’ Melvin said. “In a three-game series you get a chance to know the other team. In a two-game series it’s usually night, then day and it doesn’t feel (like a complete series).’’


–Josh Reddick (right hand) is off on an injury rehabilitation assignment, and the A’s are hoping he can be back before the end of the week, with the White Sox coming to town for three games starting Friday.

Melvin said the right fielder would need three or four days to get back into the swing of things, and suggested the club wouldn’t rush him back if he’s not feeling it at the plate.

“We want him to feel good about what he’s doing,’’ Melvin said.

John Hickey

A longtime baseball writer three years into in his second go-round covering to the Oakland A's beat after a dozen years covering the Seattle Mariners. Covered the A's through the late 1980s and 1990s.

  • Stan

    I heard Marty Lurie on some sports station,say that the Giants are in the baseball business,the A’s are in the baseball welfare business. He also put it out there that the A’s ownership group just might be the wealthiest in all of baseball.
    I know I laugh when I read Purdy say that the Fisher’s “Cant afford (name player or type of cheese,etc)”…LOL. Pity for a billionaire. Maybe John F. and family can build a sports stadium and art museum. A Getty Museum with sports. And John would be obscenely rich still.

  • Stan

    Go A’s!