Writer, Doolittle engage in war of words over O.Co

SAN FRANCISCO – Long-time baseball writer Jon Heyman riled up A’s players and fans by Tweeting that it’s a “shame” the Giants and A’s don’t play all their games at AT&TPark.

A’s reliever Sean Doolittle wasted little time in responding via Twitter, saying: “I can see why you don’t like it. We have a strict No High Horse policy at O.Co.”

The A’s hosted the Giants at O.Co on Monday and Tuesday. The two teams played in San Francisco on Wednesday and Thursday. When asked about Heyman’s stance, A’s manager Bob Melvin said he takes issue.

“If you come out and experience the atmosphere at our ballpark, maybe you wouldn’t say that,” Melvin said, “because it’s a pretty dynamic atmosphere, with those fans being very vocal there. It’s unlike anywhere else.”

So, what’s it like playing in Oakland with the Giants as the opponent?

“It was like a big, 35,000 capacity bar, going back and forth with the fans as much as on the field,” Melvin said.

Heyman, who writes for CBS, backtracked a tad after Doolittle’s initial Tweet. However, Doolittle ramped up the rhetoric.

“Also, your Sistine Chapel that is AT&TPark forgot the bullpens when they built the stadium.”


Steve Corkran

  • crister

    So along with CJ Wilson probably never pitching for Oakland, none of the local reporters will have to worry about Mr. Coli Hater taking their job?

  • Stan

    Its even colder at ATT. And always will be.