Red Sox-A’s starting lineups for Saturday’s game

Here are the starting lineups for the Red Sox-A’s game Saturday night:



CF Ellsbury

RF Victorino

2B Pedroia

DH Ortiz

1B Napoli

LF Nava

C Saltalamacchia

SS Iglesias

3B Holt






DH Crisp

SS Lowrie

3B Donaldson

LF Cespedes

1B Freiman

CF Young

RF Reddick

C Norris

2B Green



Notes: Green is making his third start since being called up from Triple-A Sacramento. As was the case the first two times, Green is starting against a left-handed pitcher, Jon Lester. He went 0-for-6 with four strikeouts in his first two starts.

Lowrie is batting second, one night after he batted fourth and hit a home run. Yoenis Cespedes is batting clean-up tonight. Crisp is the designated hitter, which enables Chris Young to get a start in center field.


Steve Corkran