Game 97 wrap: It’s time for Cespedes to speak up

In his first year and half in the big leagues, Yoenis Cespedes has never been comfortable talking to the media.

The A’s left fielder doesn’t speak as much English as he’d like, and while he can generally understand questions put to him, he relies on an interpreter, Ariel Prieto, to find the right words.

When Cespedes doesn’t want to talk, he lets that fact be known through Prieto

    Cespedes has been injured a few times now, and as time has gone by he’s been increasingly less willing to talk about the injuries.

He’s going to need to find a way to get past that.

Injuries are part of the game, and the media’s needs are pretty basic – how did it happen, how much does it hurt, how much time will be missed. When a player doesn’t want to address that, the story tends to get prolonged and questions continue to get asked.

The current injury for Cespedes is a sore left wrist. He injured it … when? Was it at the All-Star Game’s Home Run Derby? Was it during batting practice Friday?

Others are talking for Cespedes, but he’s not talking for himself, and for better or worse, that leaves the question dangling.

Manager Bob Melvin said the injury happened Friday, and I believe Melvin when he says that. At the same time, Cespedes took about 3.5 million power-laden swings during the Home Run Derby, and one of those easily could have been the foundation for the current injury which has seen the left fielder miss the first two games of the second half of the season.

The media is going to keep asking the question. Cespedes can end that by addressing the issue and getting past it.

He may not enjoy the process, but he’d surely enjoy not being asked about it on a daily basis.

John Hickey

A longtime baseball writer three years into in his second go-round covering to the Oakland A's beat after a dozen years covering the Seattle Mariners. Covered the A's through the late 1980s and 1990s.