Rosales recall the end for Weeks as A’s seek help?

It’s been clear for a while, but today’s move to bring back Adam Rosales shouts the message that there is no room in Oakland for Jemile Weeks.

The winter before last, Weeks was the one untouchable player on the A’s roster after a .303 rookie season at second base. But he languished through a .221 sophomore slump in 2012 and this year he isn’t ever being talked about as being in the mix by the A’s front office.

For the month of July, Weeks is hitting .357 and that’s brought his overall average up to .282, so he appears to have recaptured the offense he lost last season.

Weeks appears to see the writing on the wall. He’s split time between second base and shortstop in the infield and has voluntarily made the move to the outfield, where he’s made 11 appearances for Triple-A Sacramento. Being more versatile will only add to his appeal.

But at this point, his appeal in Oakland is minimal. It seems likely he’ll be traded sooner or later, because the A’s have fallen out of love with him.

Rosales brings some defensive skills with him, but he was a .200 hitter with four homers in 48 games with the A’s before being taken off the roster and shipped to Sacramento, where he hit .240 in six games.

If the A’s are going to chase offensive improvement with the trading deadline just a week away, it’s almost certainly going to be at second base or shortstop.

The Phillies are fading a bit in the NL East (second place, but seven games behind Atlanta), and they seem willing to at least consider letting Chase Utley go, although it’s not clear how much they’d want in return or indeed if they are going to be buyers or sellers at the deadline.

Utley, hitting .286 with 13 homers, is 34 years old and will be a free agent next year, and could be just the thing for the A’s if they could pry him loose.

On the other end of the spectrum, if the A’s want to just bring in a solid defensive player at shortstop and move Jed Lowrie to full-time duty at second base, they could probably get Seattle’s Brendan Ryan for very little now that Ryan has become a backup in the Pacific Northwest.

The A’s have one more option at Triple-A in Hiro Nakajima, but his situation isn’t all that much better than Weeks’. Nakajima is riding a 14-game hitting streak (20-for-56, .357) through Tuesday, the longest such streak for a Sacramento player this season.

But while he’s brought his average up 19 points to .286 since July 4, he didn’t seem to be in the conversation either when the decision to bring Rosales up was made

John Hickey

A longtime baseball writer three years into in his second go-round covering to the Oakland A's beat after a dozen years covering the Seattle Mariners. Covered the A's through the late 1980s and 1990s.

  • Stan

    Weeks must have rubbed Beane wrong. In some moment of arrogance he said what Beane man didn’t want to hear. Made to lose year or more now off his career is pretty strong revenge.

  • zgo

    Thanks for the info.
    I like Rosales, but there definitely better options

  • John G.

    Mouthing off at BB is one way to get a quick hook… but I think Weeks hit a wall at the big league level and either could not or did want to change his style to get on base more often _against major league pitching_. The reports I have read said that he’s hitting his way in Sac, which won’t get him one iota closer to Oakland. In another organization, he might get the chance to hit his way in the bigs… but that would probably mean going to a bad team like the Astros.

  • Stan

    Its that the A’s haven’t traded him John that’s suspiciously like revenge. Bean can move anybody anytime as we all know. They may yet trade him. But its not like Bean to not be in a hurry.

  • Tel

    He totally has rubbed Melvin and Beane the wrong way…it’s sad cause I liked him and was looking forward to watching him progress….Rosales sucks!

  • John G.

    BB is in a hurry to trade a malcontent if there’s a crisis that needs to be addressed (e.g., Jeremy Giambi) or if he can get what he considers to be sufficient value (e.g., Carlos Pena, who is now out of the big leagues, perhaps permanently). If he can’t get value and there’s no crisis that needs to be addressed, he’ll keep around people for depth… for example, Daric Barton is not in the A’s big-league plans, but he was up for a few weeks earlier this season. If they score a middle infielder before (or after) the upcoming trade deadline, Adam Rosales will probably be DFA’ed once again. Eventually, he might be claimed elsewhere or ask to be unconditionally released so he can pursue his own deal elsewhere.

  • John G.

    A team should never put in a claim on a player with a big contract just to block another team unless it is willing to pay it itself. Why? Because sharpies like BB will say “OK, he’s yours” and then you are _stuck_. Ask Toronto and Chicago about Alex Rios… Toronto will say they bless the day they dumped his salary onto the White Sox, and Chicago will say how many times they tried to trade him and got told “sorry, we can’t handle his guaranteed money”.

  • John G.

    The above takes effect Wednesday afternoon… when a trade requires the player(s) involved to clear revocable (or irrevocable) waivers.