A’s-Cincinnati pregame

Coco Crisp will play another nine innings tonight for Triple-A Sacramento and it does not appear the A’s will deviate  from their original play to have him spend 10 days on a rehab assignment. Brett Anderson is on day five of his rehab assignment and is now throwing from 140 feet. No plan for when he’ll start throwing off a mound, but that probably won’t be for some time.

The lineups:

A’s — Davis CF, Barton 1B, Jackson LF, Suzuki C, Sweeney RF, Kouzmanoff 3B, Cust DH, Ellis 2B, Pennington SS, Gonzalez P.

Reds –Phillips 2B, Janish SS, Votto 1B, Rolen 3B, Gomes LF, Stubbs CF, Heisey RF, Cairo DH, Hernandez C, Leake P


Chavez needs more time; Ellis sits

Eric Chavez will not start tomorrow for Sacramento, as Bob Geren said Chavez “doesn’t feel he’s ready, and is taking a couple of days off for his body.” Chavez, who was not seen in the visitors clubhouse this morning, will be reevaluated early this week. Geren wouldn’t say if Chavez is again having neck problems, but regardless, this doesn’t exactly qualify as good news for the A’s.

It remains to be seen when Coco Crisp will play again, but it’ll probably be in the next day or two. Geren said Crisp’s rib cage feels good, but that he’s come down with a small case of the flu. Geren said when Crisp is feeling better, he’ll play in Sacramento. Earlier, the plan for Crisp was to play a simulated game in Arizona.  

Mark Ellis is not in the lineup today, as Geren said it was because it was a day game after a night game. The A’s play two day games after night games on the upcoming trip, so we’ll see if the same holds true for those dates. Adam Rosales starts at second, with Cliff Pennington at short.

Geren confirmed this morning that the A’s will start Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez and Dallas Braden, in that order, for the Cubs series, and Dallas Braden and Ben Sheets for the first two games of the Cardinals series — giving Dallas and Ben a bit more time to rest. Geren said Brett Anderson will begin throwing this Friday, which is two weeks from the time he saw a doctor and was diagnosed with tendonitis in his left elbow. Anderson, as of now, will not join the A’s on their trip.

The lineups:

A’s — Davis CF, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Kouzmanoff 3B, Cust LF, Rosales 2B, Powell C, Pennington SS, Mazzaro P.

Giants — Torres CF, Sandoval 3B, Huff RF, Uribe SS, Burrell LF, Posey 1B, Molina C, Downs 2B, Cain P.


Chavez to start rehab assignment Monday

Eric Chavez has been feeling well enough over the past few days to start a rehab assignment on Monday in Sacramento, and manager Bob Geren said Chavez will be there for a week. If things go well, it’s possible Chavez will rejoin the team when they return home on June 21 against Cincinnati.

Coco Crisp is still on schedule to play in an intrasquad game on Monday. Rajai Davis won’t play today but Geren is optimistic that he’ll be ready to go by tomorrow against the Giants. He ran yesterday in the outfield at about 70 percent and was supposed to increase the intensity today. Geren said Matt Carson is feeling OK.

Jack Cust will play some outfield during the series at AT&T Park, Geren said, depending on the matchup. If he’s not in the lineup, he’ll be a pinch hitter.

Brett Anderson is extremely bored these days. He’s not throwing yet and has no timetable yet to begin throwing.

The lineups:

A’s — Patterson LF, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Suzuki C, Cust DH, Kouzmanoff 3B, Gross CF, Ellis 2B, Pennington SS, Cahill P.

Angels — Aybar SS, Kendrick 2B, Izturis 3B, Hunter CF, Matsui DH, Napoli 1B, Rivera RF, Ryan LF, Wilson C, Santana P.


Chavez takes a few swings

Not a ton of news to report before tonight’s series opener against the Angels. Eric Chavez took some swings in the batting cage this afternoon and said he feels good. He just went as long as was comfortable. No need to push things at this point. His schedule for the rest of the week is still being ironed out by the A’s training staff, but it’s possible Chavez could start a rehab assignment when the team leaves for Chicago next week.

Manager Bob Geren said Coco Crisp is supposed to play in a intrasquad game in Arizona a week from now, and will possibly begin a rehab assignment after that.

Adam Rosales is playing shortstop tonight as Geren seeks ways to keep him in the lineup. Cliff Pennington will be back in the lineup tomorrow, Geren said. Jake Fox is playing left field, as Gabe Gross has the day off.

When reporters met with Geren, he wasn’t sure if Andrew Bailey or Michael Wuertz were going to be available for tonight. But I’m guessing with two days off, Bailey should be ready to go. Justin Duchscherer had his left hip surgery this afternoon in Tennessee. No word yet on how it went. 

The lineups

A’s – Davis CF, Barton 1B, Suzuki C, Kouzmanoff 3B, Rosales SS, Sweeney RF, Ellis 2B, Cust DH, Fox LF, Sheets P.

Angels – Aybar SS, Kendrick 2B, Abreu RF, Hunter CF, Matsui DH, Napoli 1B, Rivera LF, Frandsen 3B, Wilson C, Kazmir P.


Reaction from Anderson

Brett Anderson doesn’t know when he’ll be able to throw again after receiving word that he has tendinitis in his left elbow, but he definitely thought that things could have been worse. As of now, surgery isn’t on the table.

“Anytime there’s something in your elbow or near your elbow, it’s kind of a little bit worrisome,” Anderson said before tonight’s game. “But with the diagnosis I got today, hopefully it works out in the end.”

I’ll have more reaction from Anderson in tomorrow’s paper, but I just wanted to let everyone know that Anderson seems to be taking this in stride. He’s dealt with this before and just feels he may have to be a bit more cautious this time around.  Whether that means another month off the roster remains to be seen. But the injury, right now, does not appear to be season-ending.


Anderson to DL, Rosales playing SS

Brett Anderson was placed on the disabled list today with tendinitis in his left elbow after he had a contrast MRI. Calling it relatively good news, manager Bob Geren said Anderson will not throw until he’s symptom free and then he’ll start back up again. Anderson won’t be throwing for at least 2-3 days, but Geren is hopeful that the left-hander can begin a program before too long. Geren said Vin Mazzaro is filling Anderson’s slot in the rotation.

In other moves, catcher Landon Powell was optioned to Sacramento and relievers Cedrick Bowers and Henry Rodriguez were brought up. Geren wanted a little more depth in the bullpen considering how much he had to use his relievers on the road trip.

Mired in a 1 for 32 slump at the plate, Cliff Pennington is not starting tonight at shortstop. Adam Rosales will play that position, with Geren saying Rosales might even play first base some time soon. Pennington will be back in the lineup tomorrow though.

Andrew Bailey is “50-50” for tonight’s game after throwing two innings yesterday. Geren said Eric Chavez is doing better and may join the A’s early next week for workouts.

After his collision with Mark Ellis yesterday, Ryan Sweeney said he didn’t sleep that well last night but started to feel better as the day went on and is back in the lineup.

The lineups

A’s – Davis CF, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Suzuki C, Cust DH, Kouzmanoff 3B, Gross LF, Ellis 2B, Rosales SS, Braden P.

Twins – Span CF, Hardy SS, Mauer DH, Morneau 1B, Kubel RF, Young LF, Valencia 3B, Punto 2B, Butera C, Baker P


Ellis visits, stays? Mazzaro called up, Duchscherer visits doctor

It’s shaping up to be a very nice day for baseball at the Coliseum as the A’s and Tigers conclude their short series. Mark Ellis (strained left hamstring) was in the A’s clubhouse this morning and said he’s feeling great. The plan for he and Coco Crisp as of now is to play in Sacramento Friday night, but Ellis said he would like to avoid that if possible and be back on the A’s roster by then.

Vin Mazzaro was called up from the River Cats this morning, with Henry Rodriguez optioned back to Triple-A. Mazzaro will be used in the bullpen today for long relief purposes, considering Tyson Ross will probably only throw 70-75 pitches. A’s manager Bob Geren said the plan remains for Brett Anderson to pitch in Sacramento on Monday, throwing between 50-60 pitches. Justin Duchscherer is visiting a Bay Area doctor today. We may get an update on how that went after the game, but there are no real details as of now.

 The lineups

A’s – Pennington SS, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Suzuki C, Cust LF, Kouzmanoff 3B, Chavez DH, Rosales 2B, Davis CF, Ross P.

Tigers – Jackson CF, Damon LF, Ordonez DH, Cabrera 1B, Boesch RF, Inge 3B, Avila C, Santiago SS, Worth 2B, Bonderman P.


Duchscherer holds out hope; Cust playing LF

Justin Duchscherer said season-ending left hip surgery will be his last resort and that his goal is to do whatever he can to get healthy, stay healthy and pitch again this season. But Duchscherer won’t completely understand his options until after he sees Dr. Thomas Byrd in Nashville, probably later this week.

As of Monday afternoon, Duchscherer had not scheduled an appointment with Byrd, as trainer Steve Sayles hadn’t been able to get in touch with the surgeon’s office.

Duchscherer said he only felt discomfort when he pitched, not in everyday activities. He believes what might be going on is a Femoralacetabular Impingement (FAI), where, as Duchscherer said, “The head of the femur is large, so it bangs into the socket and tears the cartilage. Over years and years of pitching on it, I guess over time it’s worn it away.”

According to Duchscherer, Byrd said he’ll have to perform surgery at some point to fully understand what’s going on, but Duchscherer is hoping to put that off until the end of the season. Regardless, Duchscherer said surgery, if it happens during the season or after, won’t mean his career is over. Either way, he wants to come back and pitch either way.  

Jack Cust is playing left field tonight, with Rajai Davis in center and Ryan Sweeney in right. Cust was mainly a DH with Sacramento but said he played about eight games in the outfield.

Coco Crisp and Mark Ellis will both join Single-A Stockton and play tomorrow night in Lake Elsinore, A’s manager Bob Geren said. Crisp played today in Phoenix, but Geren said he hadn’t received a report on how that went. 

The lineups —

A’s — Pennington SS, Barton 1B, Suzuki C, Kouzmanoff 3B, Sweeney RF, Fox DH, Cust LF, Rosales 2B, Davis CF, Gonzalez P.

Mariners — Suzuki RF, Figgins 2B, Gutierrez CF, Lopez 3B, Griffey Jr. DH, Tuiasosopo LF, Kotchman 1B, Wilson SS, Bard C, Rowland-Smith P.


Dallas Braden transcript

As I promised earlier, here’s a transcript of the interview a couple of us did with Dallas before tonight’s game.

Has the incident with A-Rod been bothering you since that day? 

“Not at all. I guess every time something pops up in your guys’ head and you come over, that’s when it becomes an issue. I stated the day that it happened that it was a done deal for me five minutes after the fact. I said what I said to him, he said what he said to me. He answered questions that were asked of him, I answered questions that were asked of me and I think if you ask both of us — as far as that’s concerned — that’s where it ended.

“It’s a non-factor in the preparation that we continue to exercise every day over here. I’m sure he forgot about it five minutes after it happened over there. Overall, the guy’s a professional, we’re professionals over here. It’s been a dead topic. It gets all the play and the banter, if you will, I guess later down the road just because we’re over here on the West Coast. If we were under the microscope that is the New Yorks, that is the Bostons, then things might have been a little different.”

But you understand that there’s an insinuation out there that things might get physical with you guys.

“That was something that was taken completely out of context. Think about it, you guys are grown adults, active members of society, I think for anybody to threaten any type of physical violence or altercation towards another athlete in the realm of their sporting venue would be right next to ludicrous. I had to laugh myself when I heard about that. That’s not what I’m about, that’s not how I play the game. I handle the game just the way I handled that day, with the respect that I have for it. For me to ever be looked upon as someone who would call another guy out physically just out of anger, that’s absurd.”

Did that come from the interviewee or the interviewer?

“I couldn’t really tell you.” (Braden is handed a printed-out copy of the ESPN story on the subject).

“Here I was asked something to the effect, if things are usually handled with knuckles where you’re from, in the 209. And my immediate response to that was, ‘We don’t do much talking in the 209.’ In no way was I saying I’m going to physically fight anybody on a baseball field. Come on. One thing I learned early, you let a sleeping dog lie. A-Rod has turned a blind eye to the subject, commendably so. I have as well. He’s gone on and prepared himself day in and day out for his competition and I’ve done the same.

“For the record, there’s no way I would call another athlete out in our venue, in the sports world. You just don’t do that. There’s a multitude of ways to handle conflicts when they arise. What kind of message do you send to the public and to kids playing the game that you need to get physical when things don’t go well or things are blown up? That’s not the case at all.”

He said he wants to move on as well, but he also said, “I don’t want to extend his 15 minutes of fame.”

“That’s fine. Every breathing entity in this world has a right to their opinion. And if that’s his opinion, so be it. That’s fine. I maintain my outlook on things. It’s a done deal for me. Professionalism is the high road that we both want to take.” 


Duchscherer to the DL; Braden clears the air

Some news to get to on what looks like another nice night for baseball at the Coliseum (tickets still available). 

Justin Duchscherer was placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to April 30 ,with left hip inflammation. Duchscherer, who had his cortisone shot Wednesday, said Friday that he felt good. Manager Bob Geren said Duchscherer’s next scheduled start will be Saturday. Reliever Edwar Ramirez was brought up from Triple-A Sacramento. 

Dallas Braden responded to the mild uproar over his comments to csnbayarea.com regarding Alex Rodriguez, which included,  “There’s things that are going to have to happen. Out of respect to my teammates, out of respect to the game.” But Braden insisted Friday that the comments have been taken out of context, that he didn’t want to get into a physical altercation with A-Rod or have this incident drag on for another two months until the A’s play the Yankees again at the Coliseum. When asked Friday about Braden’s comments, Rodrigueztold N.Y. area reporters, “I really don’t want to extend his 15 minutes of fame.” I’ll post the full interview with Braden a bit later.

Kurt Suzuki (intercostal strain) did some running Friday afternoon and will hit in the cage this weekend. He is eligible to come off the DL on Sunday, although Geren said Suzuki will not be activated on that day. If the hitting session goes well, that increases the likelihood that Suzuki will be activated in time for Tuesday’s game at Texas, though.

The lineup:

A’s – Pennington SS, Barton 1B, Sweeney RF, Kouzmanoff 3B, Rosales 2B, Fox DH, Davis CF, Patterson LF, Gonzalez P