Game 137 wrapup: A’s rethinking having Anderson push for rotation?; Straily lights up Texas with Suzuki’s help; Balfour fights through tough stretch

The plan all along was for the A’s to bring opening day starter Brett Anderson back as an addition to the starting rotation after four month on the disabled list.

It’s looking increasing unlikely that will happen with 25 games left in the season and Anderson having pitched well in relief since coming off the disabled list He got four outs in the seventh and eighth innings, easing the transition from middle reliever Dan Otero to late men Ryan Cook and Grant Balfour Monday.

More than that, he starting rotation seems to be on an upsurge without him. After a string of so-so starts in early- and mid-August, the A’s starters are picking up the pace. In a stretch of eight games, seven of them Oakland wins, the starters have a composite 2.70 ERA.

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The best in AL West? Depends on your point of view

The force in the American League West is clearly either the A’s or the Rangers.

The team with the advantage depends on the point of view of the analyst.

“They are the team to be,’’ Rangers’ manager Ron Washington said of Oakland. “They are the division champions.

“I don’t expect them to go away. I don’t expect us to go away.’’

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Game 125 wrapup: Deflating night for A’s could have long-term consequences

The A’s lost a game on Tuesday night, and it was an ugly loss. The eighth inning has to rank up there among the worst they’ve played this season. But this is baseball. Teams, even ones who achieve postseason success, suffer losses they want to forget about.

But if the injury to Derek Norris knocks him out for some time, this is the type of game that could be felt a little longer. A’s manager Bob Melvin confirmed after the game that Norris has a fractice left big toe. Norris didn’t speak with the media, but was seen limping heavily through the locker room after the game.

Melvin didn’t know yet if Norris would need to go on the disabled list. One would certainly think so. Broken toes are tricky. There’s really not much you can do to them. They just have to heal on their own, typically. But a toe, especially a big toe, is pretty key for a catcher. They spend all game in the squat and in case you’ve never been in a squat, there’s a lot of pressure being placed on the toe. Factor in the potential for taking a really painful foul ball off the toe (and that happens fairly often) and it seems pretty likely that Norris will be gone at least until early September.

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Gray’s debut date with the A’s will have to wait

The news that Brett Anderson will miss another month, and possibly a good deal more time, is the latest indication that Anderson’s health will be an ongoing concern in Oakland.

For the short term, however, the immediate question his just how the A’s will address the hole left in their starting rotation by Anderson’s stress frature in his right foot.

Sources say there was some conversation about going to the minor leagues and plucking Sonny Gray, who had been on a hot streak with Triple-A Sacramento, although he lost a 7-2 decision to Oklahoma City Thursday, giving up four runs, three earned, in 6.2 innings.

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Game 23 wrapup: Letting Milone down gnaws at A’s; Cespedes cut down again in crucial steal try

Tommy Milone walked out of the Oakland clubhouse Tuesday seemingly having put the 1-0 loss to Cleveland behind him.

His teammates weren’t so fortunate.

They not only didn’t hit behind Milone, the A’s not getting a runner to second base, but they didn’t play defense behind him, either.

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Game 14 wrapup: Crisp precautionary exit; Moss hurts lefties; Lowrie a hit batting cleanup

Coco Crisp was back in the lineup for Monday’s 11-2 win over Houston, but after he went from first to third on Derek Norris’ double in the eighth inning, he was lifted in favor of Seth Smith, who generally isn’t asked to serve as a pinch-runner.

It seemed as if Crisp may have reinjured the groin that kept him out of games Saturday and Sunday against the Tigers. After the game, manager Bob Melvin said that wasn’t the case.

Instead Melvin was kicking himself for not getting Crisp out of the game earlier. After all, when Crisp walked in the eighth inning, it was the third time he’d reached base and the A’s were holding a 9-2 lead.

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It’s a new era for the media in LA-C-A-LAofA

This is the type of blog item that isn’t strictly about baseball, so if you’re looking for nuts and bolts about the national pastime, you’d better check back later.

This is about something that doesn’t matter to most people. It’s about arrogance of baseball ownership and the powers that be.

Tonight is the home opener for the Los Angeles-California-cum-Anaheim-cum-Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels. A good time may be had for all.

For all except for the print media. In an apparent fit of pique, LA-C-A-LAofA owner Arte Moreno decided to relocate the press box from behind home plate into the right field corner. Radio and TV, both of which pay big money to cover the team, remain behind home plate.

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