The Hot Stove Heats UP

Two big moves in baseball today:1) Aaron Rowand has signed a five-year, $60 million contract with the Giants to patrol center field. Love this signing. Rowand is the anti-Barry Bonds, and is just what that clubhouse needs. He’ll run through a wall at a moment’s notice, and that’s the kind of fire that’s been lacking there for a long time. It’s easy to hitch your wagon to the home run king, but when that home run kings seems bored and selfish much of the time, that spills over. Good move to change the culture of the team.2) Miguel Tejada goes from the Baltimore Orioles to the Houston Astros in a trade for five players: Not sure what the Astros are thinking. They need pitching, and they traded away some in this deal. The Astros then cleared out the shortstop position for Tejada by non-tendering Adam Everett Wednesday evening.¬†Tejada should put up huge numbers in Houston, and he’s in a better organization, but he may have to put up with another year of losing.Your thoughts?¬†