Game 57 wrapup: Straily keeps filling up strike zone; Freiman gets critique on how to run out a triple; Young breaks loose

Dan Straily didn’t get the win Saturday, but not because he didn’t deserve to.

The second-year right-hander limited the White sox to five singles and double in six innings, didn’t walk anyone, struck out eight and left a 3-1 lead to the A’s bullpen.

Sean Doolittle wound up letting Chicago back in the game, so when the A’s did go on to score a 4-3 win, the victory went to Jerry Blevins, who got the final out of the top of the 10th innings.

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Game 56 wrapup: Freiman scrambling for a TV to watch his wife compete in LPGA tournament

Ask anybody and you’ll quickly find there is a consensus in sports that timing is everything.

When that timing has to be spread out over two sports, however, that timing gets muddled.

Exhibit A is Oakland first baseman Nate Freiman. He’s probably going to be in the lineup Saturday for the A’s with Chicago throwing a left-hander, Jose Quintana. The game will start at 1:05 p.m.

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