Angel Hernandez, Adam Rosales meet again

For the first time since that series in Cleveland when Adam Rosales hit the homer that wasn’t, the A’s are meeting up with Angel Hernandez again.

Hernandez, who ruled that Rosales’ fly ball to left-center field in Progressive Field was a double rather than the home run that the video replay clearly showed it to be, is behind home plate tonight.

When he made the call against Rosales and the A’s on May 8, Hernandez was on second base. Tonight, as was the case then, He’s the umpiring crew chief.

Will there be any hangover from that last series when Major League Baseball essentially said, `Yeah, it was the bad call, but there’s nothing we can do about it’’

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Game 39 wrapup: Moss strikes out four times on 14 pitches; Rosales sees the humor in lost homer

It was the kind of game that left A’s right fielder Brandon Moss scratching his head.

He struck out four times. He saw 14 pitches.

“You can’t do much worse than that,’’ he said. “I guess I could have struck out on 12 pitches. Overall, it wasn’t a very good day.’’

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Blown homer call by umpiring crew in Cleveland renders all other facets of game meaningless

Earlier this year, A’s manager Bob Melvin was talking about the need for more instant replay in games, including “boundary calls,’’ fair or foul down the lines, to be included in elements that could be reviewed.

You have to wonder what the point of expanding replay is is when reviews go awry as often as they seem to when all umpires are asked to review are home run calls.

The A’s lost what seemed to be a self-evident game-tying ninth-inning homer when the umpiring crew in Progressive Field watched video and somehow didn’t see what everybody in the ballpark – including the Indians – took as gospel, that Adam Rosales ball carried over the left field wall.

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