It’s 1929 all over again

It was an entertaining morning inside the A’s clubhouse, as players curiously tried on their 1929 throwback unis that are being worn for today’s “Turn Back The Clock” promotion. The colors (blue and white) actually look pretty good, except that the A’s will be wearing their regular cleats. So you’ll see some green clashing with the rest of the attire.

Manager Bob Geren did indeed take the field before the game wearing a pinstriped suit and hat in the style of Connie Mack. I gotta say he looked pretty sharp, but he wore a dark felt hat instead of the straw hat Mack probably would have preferred during the ’29 season. That didn’t escape the attention of an eagle-eye A’s fan near the dugout. “You need a straw hat!” she yelled to Geren. “We don’t want to put you in Alcatraz!” Come to think of it, the skipper did have an Al Capone look going on …

A’s equipment manager Steve Vucinich also got in the spirit, wearing a bow tie and hat that he described as “Ben Hogan-style,” complete with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. I especially liked the khaki pants and bright blue belt. … Sweet

–Geren said he might have an update after the game on Justin Duchscherer’s status for coming off the DL and pitching Tuesday. Geren didn’t know if Duchscherer actually threw the side session that was a possibility for yesterday. Hopefully we get some clarity on this madness …

–Dallas Braden said he might throw a side session tomorrow. He played catch at 200 feet yesterday, which he said was important because it forced him to use his lower body and test his inflamed left ankle. It’s still looking like he’s at least a week away from returning. …

Here’s the lineups for today, including eight right-handed hitters for the A’s against White Sox lefty John Danks … Bobby Crosby starts at shortstop w/Cliff Pennington getting a rest.

Kennedy 3B
Davis CF
Suzuki C
Hairston LF
Nomar DH
Crosby SS
Everidge 1B
Ellis 2B
Cunningham RF

CAhill RHP

White Sox
Podsednik LF
Beckham 3B
Dye RF
Thome DH
Rios CF
Pierzynski C
Ramirez SS
Kotsay 1B
Nix 2B

Danks LHP