Crystal Ball

Now, was that so bad?

I’ve been a bit puzzled about the outrage regarding Billy Crystal’s appearance for the Yankees in a spring training game. A lot of what I’ve heard from fans on the radio and read throughout the country has to do with it making a mockery of the game.

What?! Mockery of the game? Gimme a break. The real mockery is that folks have to pay to see exhibition games at all. They aren’t real games, they aren’t treated like real games, and the majority of players you’ll see for 162 games in the regular season don’t approach them like real games.

At least the Billy Crystal signing gave an otherwise dull exhibition some zing. It gave the fans some additional entertainment. What’s wrong with that? And what better guy than Crystal, who has always tried to impart the magic that baseball carries in everything he does.

Only thing I’d like to see in the future is to have each team raffle off, say, one or two, one-day, no-money contracts so an ordinary member of the public can have his one at-bat in the sun.

Think of the goodwill that could generate.