New Commissioner Manfred sees Coliseum as local issue

New Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said he didn’t get a question from the A’s players or staff about the state of the Oakland Coliseum when he met with them Monday morning in Hohokam Stadium.

The question was brought up by the media subsequently, however, and Manfred said it was an important issue but didn’t have much of substance to say about it.

Manfred did say that he would not go the route of former commissioner Bud Selig with his infamous “blue ribbon committee,’’ approach to dealing with the problems of the half-century old facility on the Nimitz Freeway.

And he said that after labor issues and time of game issues, getting the A’s settled long term in a new facility was at the top of his list, “in the top five,’’ he said.

He declined to talk about San Jose as a possibility for the club, saying the issue is “under ongoing litigation,’’ and seemed unlikely to use the best interests of baseball powers with comes with his office to deal with the problems of the aging, rickety Coliseum.

“I’ve talked with Lew (A’s owner Lew Wolff). I’ve met with Lew and the Fishers (John Fisher holds about an 80 percent stake in the club),’’ Manfred said. “I’ve talked with the new mayor (Oakland’s Libby Schaaf).

“Stadium issues are fundamentally local issues. The owner has the feel of the pulse there. MLB’s job is to be supportive.’’

Asked about the tensions between the A’s and the Coliseum’s other tenant, the Raiders, he said “the two issues are separate.’’

There are plans that would have one team or the other develop the existing Coliseum land for a new facility, although nothing is firm.

Manfred went on to say that it’s “important for the A’s to get a resolution.’’


ALDS Game 5 pressure on shoulders of Oakland organization given its history, not the A’s players

The A’s have been very good at deflecting pressure, putting one foot in front of the other and moving on a very orderly path through the 2013 season.

Does all that change now, with the season down to one game?

They won’t want to admit it, but yes it does.

Just not so much for the players. Most of them went through the disappointment of losing in Game 5 of the 2012 playoffs to Detroit and Justin Verlander, and they know the obstacle the Tigers are.

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