Whither Miguel Tejada

One of the rumors making the rounds here at the Winter Meetings is that the Giants will be major players for Baltimore Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada.

Tejada has been worn out from four years of losing in Baltimore, and some questions have arisen about his attitude. Anybody who saw him play in Oakland will tell you that he could be an inspiration inside and outside the clubhouse once he’s revitalized, and a move to the Giants would do it.

His numbers also slid last year, but again, that’s nothing that a change of scenery couldn’t cure. Losing wears on players after awhile and until proven wrong, it’s worth assuming that four years on a pathetic franchise has done that to Miggy.

Now, logical thinking would indicate Giants GM Brian Sabean would not have to give up either Matt Cain or Tim Lincecum to get Tejada, who could provide a big bat for a lineup that currently has nobody that even accelerates the heart rate. Baltimore reportedly is shopping ace Erik Bedard, so the Giants might be able to consumate a deal using only Noah Lowry, Jonathan Sanchez, Brad Hennessey or any combo of the three as bait.  

Of course, the O’s have proven to be anything but logical over the past decade, but maybe that’ll change with new general manager Andy McPhail. McPhail built winners in Minnesota and Chicago, and now is trying to do the same in Baltimore. The biggest obstacle could be O’s owner Peter Angelos’ love for Tejada, and Angelos is probably the worst owner this side of Al Davis when it comes to negatively influencing what his team does.

And what about Omar Vizquel, you ask? Well, the O’s are selling Tejada as a third baseman, even though Tejada apparently still sees himself as a shorstop. Hard to imagine he’d complain about playing besides Omar Vizquel, though, especially since a trade to the Giants would bring him back to the Bay Area.

Worth keeping an eye on.